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Epic Games Pulls Back The Shadow Stones From Fortnite Due To Issues – To Be Re-Added Later

Epic has just announced that they’re pulling back the new Shadow Stones from Fortnite due an unspecified bug. On Twitter, they announced the news shortly after Fortnite’s Season 6 came to fruition with a ton of new content bug fixes. The folks over at Fortnite announce the new on Twitter stating…

Due to an issue with Shadow Stones, we’re disabling them until we have a fix. – Fortnite / Twitter

If you haven’t jumped into Fortnite since the major season update dropped, Shadow Stones made their way into Fortnite allowing players to be invisible for a limited time. The shadow stones are said to be originated by the purple cube also known as Kevin by the community. The Shadow Stones also allow you to get through solid objects such as houses, trees, and fences as well as introduce short bursts of movement speed. However, to balance out its effects, while in use, players would be unable to shoot or build anything.

Epic Games Pulls Back The Shadow Stones From Fortnite Due To Issues - To Be Re-Added Later 4

Since the Shadow Cubes are the biggest addition to the game with Season 6, it’s unlikely that the folks over at Fortnite would take long to fix the unspecified bug and if they do take a while, at least we know that the shadow stones are here to stay.

Since we haven’t noticed the bug ourselves, we found that some players have been able to shoot and build while the shadow cube is active which is a complete deal breaker if you can’t see your enemy if you’re on the receiving end of the fight as you could notice in this clip. Hopefully, this is the issue that forced them to pull back the shadow stones. Otherwise, this issue may go unnoticed.

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