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eSports Is Flourishing PC Gaming – Headsets Sales Up By 83%, Controllers By 22%, Monitors By 350%

E-Sports has been a huge contributor to the growth of PC gaming for the past few years. With the advent of PUBG and Fortnite, the PC gaming community has flourished with new players from all around the world. According to a report by the folks over at NPD, it seems like the whole eSports craze with PC gaming is finally making its mark. Headset sales are up by 83%, game controller sales are up by 22% and game card sales have been on an all year high.

Consoles have traditionally been the choice for many gamers over the years and have been serving their audience with some really great games. However, with the advent of crossplay making its way to Fortnite, console and mobile players have finally taken notice how much powerful PCs actually are, that is, if you’re willing to invest into it. From 4K to high-refresh rate gaming, PC gaming has finally made its mark, especially with the latter of the two. And the advantages don’t end there, the most important factor has to be the fact that PC gamers have a ton of flexibility with their input choices, either choose between a keyboard and mouse or either pick up a game controller from your console, it’s supported.

Furthermore, according to the folks over at NPD, nearly half of all PC gamers have either tuned into a live stream or have either streamed a game of theirs online through platforms like Twitch and YouTube. In addition to that, their report suggests that 72% of PC gamers who tune into streams are males with an age group ranging from 18-25 years old.

These increases are definitely impressive, especially given that a lot of this has to be due to the push towards cross-play gaming.

In other news, Gaming monitors featuring high-refresh rates ( 120Hz and higher ) have seen up to a 350% increase in sales globally.

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