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Hack Allows Fortnite Players To Get The Rainbow SCAR – Unofficially Introduces Skins

Epic takes their gaming community very seriously, at least when it comes to listening to the community and ensuring that everyone has access to a clean gaming environment free from hackers. What Epic also cares about is that no one mines they’re way into their business model, essentially, in-game items that players can buy with V-bucks.

Last week, a tool started emerging that gave Fortnite players access to the Scythe harvesting tool by simply replacing one of the harvesting tools in the game by replacing a few of the game’s files. Since this could be problematic for a few users who aren’t efficient in playing with game files, the user who originally posted the news also released a tool that replaces the files for you with a simple double click on a batch file.

Prior to Epic Game’s updates, players have been advised to Verify their game files so that players don’t get caught in the act.

Now that the tool has proven to be a success on the PC, the dataminer, otherwise known as @FNBRLeaks, has released a guide on how to get an unofficial Rainbow SCAR, essentially, unofficially introducing skins to the game.

While the move is certainly shady, it seems like the releases from @FNBRLeaks could lead Epic to tighten its stance on its games files. Given that the user has been very active digging through Fortnite’s game’s files with every update, it’s likely that the user may find another whole through the system and continue to leak upcoming events from Fortnite… For now, the feud continues…


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