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Epic Games Adds Fortnite Sub-Region Matchmaking For NA-East & Europe

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Sub-Region matchmaking has been a plan is Epic’s planner for quite a while now. After rolling out sub-region matchmaking for the folks over in Singapore, it seems like Epic has begun adding sub-region matchmaking for NA-East and European players as they highlighted in a Reddit post.

The move comes more than a month after Epic added sub-region matchmaking for the Singaporean region. With the help of sub-region matchmaking, Epic is planning to load-balance their servers by pushing players to other servers across the globe. Epic says that while players may experience higher-ping, it would help them keep a fair balance of players across their servers when needed. With this enabled, players would no longer be able to specifically choose a region but would be automatically be served by the best server in certain situations.

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With sub-region becoming a core focus for Epic Games aside from their content updates, it seems like Epic may delay the addition of servers in underserved areas as previously rumored. Close to thirteen new regions were expected to be added to the official Fortnite matchmaking regions list, but it seems like that may not be true or either may have shifted further into the future.

Given how many players play Fortnite everyday, it has become Epic’s utmost priority to allow players to experience the best of Fortnite as they keep the adrenaline for their game high at all times. Frequent updates paired with an excellent, yet engaging storyline has been a major factor in Fortnite’s growth over the past year or so. With the most recent season, Fortnite’s Season 6, making its debut just last week, it seems like the folks over at Epic are more than happy to keep their existing player base happy. Not only did they add new content, but they’ve also ensured that players have a much more competitive experience than before as they roll out major improvements aimed at improving spatial audio.

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