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Xiaomi Mi MiX 3 Would Record 960FPS Slo-Mo, Here’s A Sample

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Xiaomi’s Mi MiX 3 is about to go up to the Galaxy Note 9. Following the whole slo-mo craze, Xiaomi has confirmed and has announced that the Xiaomi Mi MiX 3 would be capable of recording slo-mo at 960FPS. Global Spokesman at Xiaomi, Donovan Sung, showcased an incredible slo-mo video recording filmed on the Xiaomi Mi MiX 3 featuring the classy balloon plus pin poke scene.

The Xiaomi Mi MiX 3 is certainly aiming to bright the feature gap between the Galaxy Note 9 and itself. Given that both phones carry the a resembling spec sheet, there’s no doubt that the Mi MiX 3 has enough processing power to generate all 960 frames captured by the camera sensor every single second.

As we near the launch of the Mi MiX 3, Xiaomi continues to get even more blatant regarding the feature set the Mi MiX 3’s about to bring to the table. At the keynote, while unlikely, we hope to not to see Xiaomi spill all of the beans in the upcoming three days. Not only would the Mi MiX 3 be the first phone to feature a mechanical slider, but the Mi MiX 3 would also be the first phone to make 5G connectivity and 10GB RAM a norm of the future. There’s definitely a ton lot going with the Mi MiX 3 and we can’t wait for the Mi MiX 3 as we head nearer to the Mi MiX 3 keynote scheduled for October the 25th.


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