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PUBG Devs Have 60FPS Planned For The Xbox One, May Enable It In The Future

The folks over at PUBG have been through a ton lot over the past year or two. They’ve seen their rise, and they’ve seen their demise, the folks over at PUBG have seen it all. With Fortnite becoming the main center of action throughout the gaming world, Bluehole, the developers of PUBG have been hard at work to keep PUBG alive. In their latest pursuit of keeping players happy and enthusiastic, a developer from the Bluehole team has just announced on Reddit that their team is looking into enabling 60FPS in the future, if possible.

First spotted by the folks over at Windows Central, over at Reddit, PUBG_Lumos, a representative from Bluehole made some remarks regarding the studio’s plans to enable 60FPS. He said that Bluehole is still working on adding new graphical options to the Xbox One version of the game. He said that enabling 60fps for the platform is the studio’s ultimate goal and it is dedicated to tweaking the graphics of the game for that to happen. His quotes read…

The ultimate goal is to achieve a stable 60fps, and we’ll continue to optimize to achieve that goal.

At the moment we are not intending to “unlock” the framerate, we’ll need to implement these graphical options first and iterate upon them to see if that would be possible in the future. – PUBG_Lumos

Looking back, Microsoft’s Xbox One family are consoles clearly aren’t a fan of Bluehole’s implementation of PUBG for the platform. With the game being released onto the console for almost a year, Bluehole is yet to enable 60FPS for the game, even on the beastly Xbox One X. Both, the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X barely manage to keep the 30 FPS mark stable. While certainly playable, the low-frame count certainly builds up a ton of frustration for a lot of players experiencing the game on the platform.

PUBG Devs Have 60FPS Planned For The Xbox One, May Enable It In The Future 3

With the devs marking 60 FPS as their ultimate goal, it seems like enabling 60 FPS for the Xbox One family of consoles may be a feature way not see very soon, at least we hope that’s not the case. However, given that PUBG’s Brendan Greene has made it clear on a number of occasions that they have separate teams for every aspect of the game, it seems like the team responsible behind the optimization of the game have just begun to work on the performance side of the game. Whether this would be “shrugged under the rug” is yet to be seen. However, the possibility of this happening isn’t impossible either.

With competition daunting from all corners of the street, only time would tell if Microsoft’s exclusivity deal would burn out as Bluehole hunts for new players over in Sony’s park. While unlikely anytime soon, it would certainly be interesting to see how that works out.

Undoubtedly, rubber-banding and performance were the main reasons I personally left PUBG, even though I am on a PC. In fact, on PC, PUBG has lost almost 70% of its total player base since it peaked back in January, this year. With the FIXPUBG program in full-swing, hopefully, Bluehole manages to keep some traction.

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