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PUBG Appears For A Brief Moment On The PS Store For The PlayStation 4

The folks over at PUBG have had their glory days. With Fortnite becoming a massive phenomenon throughout the world, PUBG has lost a lot of its loyal fan base over time. Following the announcement of the lack of PUBG’s 60 FPS on the Xbox One family of consoles, it seems like Bluehole could finally be moving over to the PlayStation 4 to stay afloat.

According to a recent report published by the folks over at Wccftech, PUBG has appeared on the PS Store for a brief moment before being pulled back from some executive at Sony. At this very moment, Wccftech reports that the PUBG page has gone down since but is likely to make an official comeback very soon. With Bluehole Studio’s bet on the title now riding the final wave of loyalists, Bluehole is keen to finally expand on to the PlayStation 4.

According to a recent survey we published, it seems like PUBG had lost about 70% of its players since the game first made waves in the gaming market. However, given that PUBG has tone a ton lot down, Bluehole is betting on the enthusiastic hunger for PUBG from PlayStation 4 fans.

With the game now about to mark its first anniversary since it was initially released for the Xbox One as a “console exclusive”, it’s only likely that the leak above is certainly true. For now, the question is how long would it take for the game to arrive on to the PlayStation 4. And if we had to guess, we’d say next month.

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