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These Could Be Internals Of The Budget-Oriented Galaxy S10 Lite

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Samsung is definitely brewing the Samsung Galaxy S10. With rumors indicating that the phone would come in three variants, it’s almost evident that Samsung would be releasing an entry-level Galaxy S10 for those who really want the basic Galaxy S10 experience. Following the speculated specs of the Xiaomi Mi 9 along with a concept, Venya Geskin is taking his first shots at what the Galaxy S10 Lite may bring to the table next year.

According to the trusty Venya Geskin, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s entry-level model, also known as the Galaxy S10 Lite, is said to come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855/8150 SoC, 4/6GB RAM options, 64/128GB internal storage, a flat-infinity-O display along with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. However, what may spice things up could be possibilities of Samsung opting for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 SoC given that it would be the entry-level model of the three. In addition to that Venya Geskin also suggests that contrary to previous leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite would most probably come with a dual camera set up at the rear and that the device would retail for about $650-750 USD.

Given that Samsung is facing fierce competition from its Chinese rivals, especially considering how rapidly they’ve been expanding out of the Asian market, it’s only right plausible to see that Samsung could be releasing the S10 Lite to tackle that very budget segment. As OnePlus begins to hit the $600 price tag with the OnePlus 7 next year, if true, Samsung could be determined to tackle both, Apple’s iPhone XR and OnePlus’s 7.

However, it wouldn’t be rainbows and fairies, that’s for sure. If Samsung does try to skimp on necessities, especially the SoC, OnePlus and Apple would have an excellent chance at overshadowing both of them. Another gripe that we seem to be following the spec sheet suggested above is the dual camera setup at the rear. We’d highly doubt that Samsung would be willing to release the Galaxy S10 Lite with a dual rear camera setup given that the S10 would come in three variants, each one-upping another in terms of sensor counts.


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