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Microsoft To Add A 4th Xbox One To Their Fleet Of Xbox One Consoles, Reports Suggest

Microsoft has been through a ton lot this generation. From being the lousy custards at the Xbox One launch in 2013 to the incredible launch of the Xbox One X in 2017, Microsoft has been through a ton lot. With Microsoft finally announcing the third console, the Xbox One X earlier this year, both Sony and Microsoft have pretty dictated what the future of console generations may look like. And if three consoles by either side weren’t enough, then you would be raved to hear that Microsoft is actually planning to add yet another console to their fleet of Xbox One devices.

A piece published by the folks over at Gadgets360 is alleging that Microsoft is working on a fourth console dedicated for gamers who aren’t very fond of physical discs. According to the details provided in the article, the fourth console would solely require on digital downloads as it would lack a disc drive and would most likely retail for less than $200 in the US when it launches next year.

This is certainly intriguing and is definitely giving us an insight into where future generations of consoles are headed. What it doesn’t dictate is if this would be a standard with the next-generation of consoles for those who are interested in “entry-level” game consoles.

Given that this would be the fourth console entering the Xbox One family of consoles, we’re likely to see Microsoft retailing the console alongside the Xbox One S and Xbox One X as the advantages of either of the consoles seems to be very compelling for every price point.

Surely, both digital and physical copies have their advantages, but the hysteria above also seems to insinuate that this could very well be the future for even the higher-end variants of the so-called PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlet. Gadgets360 says that once the console rolls out next year, the company is also planning to allow customers to trade-in their discs to get a digital copy of their game library. Surely this may cost some green notes, but it definitely seems to be encouraging a digital gaming environment so far, especially with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass around.

These past years have definitely served a ton of pivoting points for console players and it seems like it isn’t about to slow down anytime soon either. Both Sony and Microsoft are definitely playing their own games here, and it seems like neither of them is willing to back down from the race towards the next-generation of consoles. Whether how well this would play out is definitely worth a shot to keep an eye out on.

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