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A Foldable Xiaomi Device Has Leaked – Features A Tri-Fold Design

It seems like Xiaomi could simply not sit back and relax as Samsung bakes their foldable phone back in the kitchen. According to a new leak, a first from Xiaomi, Xiaomi could potentially be working on a device that features a foldable display, similar to what we’ve seen from Samsung so far.

While not explicitly mentioned, the device does give away the fact that it’s a device from Xiaomi simply due to the fact that it runs on Xiaomi’s in-house MIUI ROM. Other than that, there wasn’t much to note regarding this mysterious Xiaomi device since the video does seem to have been recorded with another smartphone crippling the exposure of the video.

A Foldable Xiaomi Device Has Leaked - Features A Tri-Fold Design 2
Leaked device via @evleaks

What’s special though is the fact that this mysterious device from Xiaomi does seem to have some smooth transitions and animations in place for the device that tri-folds. What’s even more intriguing though is the fact that the tri-fold design, other than looking amazing, would definitely offer a ton of flexibility if this turns out to be true.

Given that this is among the first series of rumors and leaks making its way to the internet, there’s a ton of skepticism that we’re carrying along with it. However, if true, this could be ground-breaking giving how this technology is still in its early stages with Samsung leading the race.

Xiaomi typically excels at budget devices, regardless of its internals. If this device is actually true, this could potentially mean that we could see foldable devices featuring an affordable price tag. While foldable devices aren’t going to be cheap, that’s for sure, what we’re quite confident in claiming is that this device would be way cheaper than Samsung’s offerings.

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