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Battlefield V Anti-Cheat Buffed – Would Perma-Ban Cheaters Instantly

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Cheaters in online multiplayer games have been a problem since the early days of online PC gaming. As gaming has progressed further, so have cheaters and their developers. Following some strict moves to get rid of cheaters from companies like Valve, EA is joining to party in enforcing their anti-cheat solution in Battlefield V.

In a post detailed by the folks over at EA, it seems like DICE would be buffing their anti-cheat solution even further following the late release of Battlefield V. According to the folks over at DICE, they’ve put a number of hurdles and steps between cheaters to hurdle them as much as possible. Their latest blog post revealed the measures that they’re putting in place as well as detailing why they are leaving out a few more details regarding their anti-cheat buffs. Their post detailed the five following points, excluding a few points here to avoid cheat developers picking on weaknesses in the platform. Here are the five points EA has pledged to work on to make Battlefield V a cheat-free experience.

  • Working on better prevention, hardening the PC client against exploits.
  • Scaling up detection efforts.
  • Investigating supplementary deterrence methods which can work alongside banning accounts.
  • Investigating methods of improving the reporting flow, including easier reporting.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest cheat developments and reacting to them in a faster and leaner manner.

Now there’s a number of ways DICE is planning to catch these cheaters. Among which, DICE would be using a combination of in-game, server, information from external websites and more to identify if a user is cheating. This, in tandem with reports from players, would allow DICE to assess whether they should swing the ban hammer on the suspected cheater.

Players who would be caught in the act would be instantly banned regardless of their status and would be banned indefinitely. Similar to what we’ve seen from Counter-Strike’s Valve, EA is also implementing a zero-tolerance policy in order to keep cheaters away from the game. Players who do plan to cheat from now on would not be able to come back and enter Battlefield V’s servers unless they purchase another copy of the game with another account.

As expected, PC gamers led the charts when it comes to cheats which in turn, has prompted DICE to strengthen their PC clients for any exploits.

How this would turn out is yet to be seen. However, if it does get ugly, which is definitely seems to be heading given how weak these enforcements are looking compared to Valve’s bans, it would be interesting to see how EA shifts its plans towards cleaning their gaming altogether.



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