Xiaomi’s New 10,000mAh Mi Wireless Powerbank Set To Debut Alongside The Mi9

The Xiaomi Mi 9 keynote is getting closer as we speak. Reports have recently emerged suggesting the introduction of Xiaomi’s very first wireless powerbank, and it seems like its coming alongside the Mi9.

The latest report comes from trusty Ishan Agarwal who has tipped Xiaomi enthusiasts about the upcoming Mi Wireless Powerbank. According to Ishan, the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Powerbank would be rated at 10,000mAh. In addition to that, we could expect the Mi Wireless Power Bank to support the usual Qi Charging standard as we standardize the technology for 2019.

Xiaomi's New 10,000mAh Mi Wireless Powerbank Set To Debut Alongside The Mi9 4
Above: Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro | Image via Xiaomi

However, given that the most recent Mi 9 leak suggests that the Mi 9 would be able to charge up to 20W wirelessly and 27W when wired, there’s a good chance that this mysterious power bank from Xiaomi may showcase Xiaomi’s prowess at its finest.

While pricing for the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank hasn’t been confirmed, nor has its name, we’d suggest that the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank 10,000mAh battery may retail around the $40 mark and may even up that nametag to a “4” (from the Mi Power Bank 3 Pro) given Xiaomi’s current hierarchy of power banks.

Whether Xiaomi plans to reveal higher capacities is yet to be seen. However, if Xiaomi does plan to shake the game up a bit, we’ll be here to report about it.

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