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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Could Not Be Pre-Ordered, Reveals Source

Samsung is expected to revealed it’s mightiest flagship of the year next month. Following the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family, Samsung felt the need to tease everyone regarding their beastly Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. With the S10 family finally hitting shelves since the beginning of March globally, a Korean news agency has confirmed that Samsung would be revealing its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 5G at an event in South Korea.

The event is expected to go live on April the 5th, launching the company into the 5G stratosphere. As companies begin to catch on, Samsung would finally have the bragging rights to call itself the first brand to accommodate 5G speeds in an extremely narrow selection of areas.

Samsung is expected to topple everyone with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and with the device representing the upper echelon of Samsung hierarchy, we could expect the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to be as expensive or even more expensive than the maxed out Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. For specifics, the news agency suggests that Samsung may price the device at just US $1322. However, just like many Samsung devices, once they hit the international market, all we’re talking about is inflations by the time the device hits the European market. We’d go as far to suggest a US $1500 price tag.

For internals, we’re looking at a beastly Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, 12GB RAM, 1TB of internal storage, a quad-camera setup for the rear alone, a dual selfie camera setup for the front, an even larger 6.7-inch QHD+ behemoth of a display, and a whole lot more.

For folks in South Korea who do register their interest between April the 5th and 16th, they would be able to snag the new Samsung Galaxy Buds, a wireless charger, and a 50% discount on screen repairs.

And while Samsung would be revealing the device in Korea first, we would be interested to see if Samsung reveals any roadmaps for when they would be launching the device for the European and American markets. By the looks of it, the device should be landing for the European market before the US.

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