Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultras Are Getting Major Telephoto Upgrades

Samsung has received a ton of flack for their devices this year, particularly in the camera department of all things. The Samsung Galaxy S20 family of devices have been riddled with focus issues as well as a number of various issues, more notably, on their Exynos variants. However, it seems like five months down the line, Samsung’s still not done with their camera updates and is still working on improving the cameras on the S20 series of devices.

As revealed by Ice Universe, Chinese users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra particularly received some major updates addressing and improving the camera situation on these devices, particularly, the telephoto camera.

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series of devices, Samsung decided to go berserk with their devices announcing that their Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra had 100x Zoom, completely obliterating Huawei’s numbers, at least on paper for some marketing speak. But it seems like Samsung’s actually making the 100x zoom a worthwhile, these images posted by Ice Universe reveal some impressive upgrades to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The improvements were further affirmed with the additional pictures Ice Universe had attached to his Twitter.

With Samsung finally invoking the race, it seems like the race is on between Huawei and Samsung, as both of these monsters continue to push those numbers higher and higher with every flagship release.

There’s still much more to come from Samsung and Huawei this year, more notably the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series that’s expected to be revealed in the coming months.

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