Cricket 22 Release Date & Everything You Need To Know

Words of Wisdom- you should Pre-Order the ‘Cricket 22’ right now. With the announcement as it is, Cricket 22 is officially coming to town. With all the major teams and improved graphics, there is much more to uncover in this package.

I bet the excitement is worth it, but you must believe in the supremacy of the hang fire. There is a lot of anxiety with increasing videos on youtube each day about the newly hyped game. Hence, let’s come down to talk and break down each little feature of the game- in detail. So, if you are ready, muster along.

Cricket 22 Release Date, Price & More!

What Is Cricket 22?

Big Ant Studios announced the release of a sequel game to Cricket 19- which is named Cricket 22. If one remembers the official ‘Ashes Cricket,’ which was released in 2017, you must know that this game is also based on the ‘Ashes Match Series.’ So, if we look closely, ‘Cricket 22’ is the second sequel to the Ashes Cricket of 2017. Nacon published the game, but it is not released yet. However, it is available for pre-order. You can get the game right now for your Xbox and other compatible platforms, but you won’t be able to play until the day it is officially released. Read more below for further information on Cricket 22.

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When Is Cricket 22 Releasing?

Cricket 22 is creating a lot of buzz in the community, and mostly the time has come close. According to the Big Ant Studios, the developer of the game, Cricket 22, will be releasing on 25th November of this year only. You can presume the release date as a teaser to the sport, as in December, the Ashes Series will start in Australia.

Top Five Highlights of Cricket 22

The E-sport is licensed with the Bashes, Caribbean Premier League, The Hundred, and the Sheffield Shield. Primarily, alongside the all-woman commentary team, there are a lot of out-of-the-box inclusions to the game.

  • Net Practice.
  • Major Arenas and Stadiums of the UK and the AUS.
  • Woman Team.
  • Improved Career Mode.
  • Fast Loading and Smooth Engine Run with realistic graphics.

Cricket 22 Price

The rate of this E-sport depends on where you live, but just to give the idea, the game is valued at fifty Euros, more or less. For Australia, the game is available at a price of $99.50. Hopefully, it’s worth it. Besides, in India, people can have it for INR 3,000. A bit over the top, but we cannot comment unless the game releases on its whole. In the US and Canada, the game is available at a price of $52 and $69, respectively.

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Which Platforms Support Cricket 22?

The platforms which will support the game, including the next-gen consoles (both of them), are-

  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox X
  • Xbox S

Where to Get Cricket 22? Pre-Order Cricket 22

Cricket is available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store, and you can also get it from the PS store.

Closure | Cricket 22

There is not much left to say but to conclude – ‘Make it large.’ I cannot wait, and these discussions and deep-diving into the details of the game is the only way to surf the time until it releases.

If you feel like you have anything to share on it or your questions regarding the game, feel free to reach out.


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