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Action RPG Thymesia Coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in 2022

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Team17 and OverBorder Studio have confirmed that their action role-playing title Thymesia will launch for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 in conjunction with the PC version. Originally scheduled for release in December of 2021 on all of the aforementioned platforms, the game will now arrive in 2022.

“We know this will come as a disappointment to many, but our goal is to release Thymesia in the best possible state, and to do this, we need a little longer to work on the finishing touches,” OverBorder Studio wrote in a Steam update. “It is important to us as game developers to put out something we’re proud of, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy the experience we’ve created next year when it’s fully ready.”

The title takes place in a once-thriving region, Thymesia that slides into turmoil as a result of an attempt to halt the practice of alchemy. The official synopsis of the title reads-

“A kingdom once thriving on the power of alchemy enters an age of calamity. After discovering the price behind alchemy, an attempt to stop the use of it backfired. Within a few days, the kingdom was in chaos and the streets were infested with monsters.

The key to understanding all of this is in Corvus’ hands, but he has lost his memory. The truth can only be found within his memories, but every time he dives back in, he only finds more secrets.”

Thymesia- Plot?

As you can see from the video above, the game has a Souls-like feel to it. Thymesia appears to be a new challenger in the Soul-like sub-genre, with its dark and dismal backdrop and smooth third-person fighting.

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The exciting part is that you’ll be able to transform other foes’ ailments into special abilities. There also appears to be a choice of endings to choose from.

Whilst trial and error action may ring a bell, the tale appears to be completely original. You will start as Corvus, a “half-human, half-crow” who must “piece together his shattered history to save himself and the empire he once belonged to.”

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The key features of the game include:

  • Harness the Plague- Take the disease from the evil monsters and use it as a weapon. Do them a favor by giving them a dose of their very own medicine. This is the only way to make it out of this barren kingdom alive.
  • Fight Your Way- Enhance and tweak your basic plague weaponry and moves. Create your playstyle and make preparations for the difficulties that await you.
  • Shattered Memories- Adventures can help you reclaim your memories. You’ll get different endings depending on the decisions you’ve made and the stuff you’ve acquired. Make your truth by piecing it together.
  • Embrace the Raven- While in battle, morph into your raven persona. Throw feathers like blades and kill adversaries with the speed of a raptor.

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