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Apex Legends Season 12 Release Date, Leaks, Abilities And Latest Updates

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With the addition of Ash to Kings Canyon in season 11, the Apex community is swooning over the new season. The upcoming season will include a new battle pass that will contain weapons and equipment, cosmetics, map tweaks, and a lot more. Given the fact that season 11 was only released recently, many fans are keen to learn all the important details about season 12, particularly its release date.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 12 Release Date

Many people are anticipating the debut of Apex Legends season 12, and we may expect to see some leaks very soon. Whenever a new season is released, it’s been right after the season’s battle pass has expired. Seasons normally last three months, also with Season 11’s battle pass concluding on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, we predict Season 12 to launch the same day or the next day, on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022.

This is great news as it suggests we’re on;y couple of months away from launching live. Apex Legends will most doubt provide us with numerous sneak peeks during this period to heighten our anticipation even further.

The developers of Apex posted a trailer showcasing all of the game’s new features ahead of the start of a new season. These action-packed trailers excite the gaming community and we can’t wait for the season 12 promo trailer to come out.

Apex Legends already has Legends “locked in” up to Season 12 - Dexerto

We may get a glimpse of the new legend and any changes to the map in the season 11 teaser.

New legends are always exciting, and next season is no exception. There will undoubtedly be significant weapon improvements that alter the game on Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Season 12 Legend – Maggie

According to a well-known determiner Garretleaks, the code data that was uncovered recently in the game files is linked to a new playable Legend. After Ash was announced as the Season 11 legend, the whistleblower believes that Maggie will be the new legend for Apex Legends Season 12 even though the leaker was previously unsure if Ash or Maali would be the new legend for Season 11.

According to new Apex Season 12 rumors, Maali could be a pseudonym for Maggie, similar to Valkyrie, who is known as “Valk” in-game materials.

Furthermore, a few renowned leakers, like @SomeoneWhoLeaks, have previously confirmed on Twitter that the new Apex Legendary legends would be dubbed Maali.

Apex Legends Season 12 Legend – Maggie Abilities

Garret states that Apex Legends Mali is effectively manufacturing the elements from the triple take, so while discussing Apex Legends Maggie powers, Garret claims to have discovered another portion of code that states ‘maali damage boost.’

According to Garret “his abilities Marley may have a damage boost. See the damage boost may be similar to Bangalore’s double-take passive, but don’t take this for certain as I’m not 100 percent sure.”

Furthermore, Maggie ended up dead in the comic, so Garret clarified his theory by saying, “I don’t think she died, she fell but you never saw her body or anything like that,” he even gave the reference of movies and said, “if you don’t see their body they’re usually alive, think of emperor Palpatine from star wars.”

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