Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date, Plot, And Spoilers

The first three years of The Dragon Prince were fast and furious. Within a year, Netflix’s animated fantasy epic that had its roots in the creative minds of the production team behind Avatar: The Last Airbender had released 27 episodes so far. But the wait for Dragon Prince Season 4 seems endless, then you’re not alone.

Whether it was allegations of workplace discrimination, a global pandemic, or the additional stress of Netflix extending the series to season 7. Whatever the case something or someone is causing some serious delays. Since Season 3 debuted in November 2019, we still have no idea when Dragon Price Season4 will premiere.

Although Aaron Ehasz, the series’ co-creator and executive producer, sat down with CBR to talk about how the novels and tabletop game have grown and how they’re progressing on season four. The two canon graphics novels publishing next year- The Puzzle House, and Bloodmoon Huntress will be focusing on Soren, Rayla, and Claudia’s pasts. The history, backdrops, and character beat that fans have seen across these books will provide answers to several unanswered questions that binge-watchers have witnessed so far. Aaron Ehazz said:

I can tell you a little about production progress which is that all the scripts for Season 4 have been written and recorded and it is in the process of being designed and storyboarded and brought to life by the team at Bardel Entertainment right now. We’re well underway, being wowed every day with new designs, art, music, and things that are all coming back to bring it to life and people are working hard. Hopefully, we’ll have more to announce about that very soon!

Ehasz also recommended that audiences peruse Through the Moon, a graphic book that unfolds during seasons 3 and 4, before streaming the upcoming season.

Is Dragon Prince Renewed For Season 4?

As per Netflix, Netflix has given the go-ahead to Dragon Prince Season 4. In addition to a fourth installment, The Dragon Prince has also been approved for three more seasons making Dragon Prince a 7 season show.

If Aaron’s words are anything to go by, the fourth season of The Dragon Prince is expected to premiere in 2022. Through the Moon’s follow-up, Bloodmoon Huntress will be released on April 5, 2022, and will focus on Rayla’s past as a young elf.

Some details about Season 4’s launch date were revealed in a blog post on TheDragonPrince.com on February 3. The post read-

Our Team has been working hard since the full Saga was greenlit to bring you to the next phase of The Dragon Prince with care, passion, and creativity. While the pandemic has impacted the process at every level, the reality is that productions of this scale always take a lot of time. We’re writing the story and scripts, assembling the production team, and developing other new, exciting areas of Xadia for you to explore. Although we can’t give you a date for Season 4 at this point, we want you to know that the new seasons will be worth the wait!

So maybe the new season will debut in the spring shortly after the release of the graphic novel. Here’s hope the wait for season 4 doesn’t go on for too long.

Dragon Prince Season 4 Plot & Spoilers

Inverse spoke to Richmond, and Ehasz about the series’s fate in 2019 following the release of Season 3 . We got a few delicious tidbits from them, but they didn’t go into much detail. In addition, we’ll see more of Xadia, the continent where all the magic happens. DragonPrince season 4 will explore tussles and tensions between mighty dragons and humans. They have a reason to annihilate the dragon prince and spoil his egg.

The Dragon Prince season 4 will introduce new dragons and a myriad of new characters. We’ll get to witness the magic of Racquel Belmonte (as Claudia), Jack DeSena as Callum, Jesse Inocalla (as Soren), Paula Burrows (as Rayla), Sasha Rojen as Ezran, and Erik Dellums (as Aaravo).

“The story is going to continue showing broadening circles of the world. you’re going to get more and more of Xadia and politics and elves and humans,” Justin Richmond told Inverse, “and I think that will continue to grow.”

Aaravos, the malevolent Startouch Elf, and the fascinating Sunfire Elves will also be introduced to us in the course of the story.

On Aaravos, Ehasz commented: 

“The next two seasons are about understanding who Aaravos was, who they thought Aaravos was, how they realized what was happening, and imprisoned him… The goal of healing and rebuilding the world is going to be a hard one, and especially a hard one when Aaravos, who may have been one of the mysterious forces who pushed the world into this situation, now seems to be on the cusp of returning or trying to return to the world.”

And on Claudia, Aaron said: 

“When we get back to her in Season 4, there is some amazing stuff, just in the first few episodes, which by the way are also funny and quirky and all the things we’ve come to love about the character, but she becomes a very critically important driving force of the narrative in Season 4.”

Well! that’s all we know about Dragon Prince Season 4 for now and we’ll update this article as soon as new news surfaces.


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