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Is Apple Considering a Move to the USB-C Port for the Next-Gen iPhone14 Series?

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Apple’s exclusive Lightning cable, instead of USB-C, is one of our long-standing gripes about the iPhone line, but there’s now a glimmer of hope that the company may transition to a more universal standard.

For the iPhone 14 Pro, “multiple sources acquainted” tell iDropNews that the USB-C port may be used in its place of the Lightning port. Three factors have been cited as the key reasons for Apple’s considering of switching to USB Type-C, but this hasn’t been voted on for sure.

When it comes to data transfer speeds, USB-C might be a game-changer because of the enormous file sizes provided by Apple’s ProRes video function, which users are more inclined to want to download from their iPhone.

Apple is rumored to be mulling this over owing to the environmental benefits. Since so many other portable gadgets, such as nearly every other smartphone, employ USB-C cables, it appears that most users already have a slew of them. To save costs and avoid e-waste, Apple could excuse not including a charger in the package with its phones.

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Leaker asserts Apple iPhone 14 Pro will likely feature USB-C port - News

The EU’s campaign for USB-C to be the next smartphone standard, which may eventually force Apple’s hand, is the final reason given for the switch.

There are a bunch of great arguments why Apple should move to this port, but we’d still advise treading very carefully because the sources are unknown, iDropNews isn’t renowned for leaks, and this is a major shift for Apple.

A modem move

Apple will begin using its own 5G modem ideas in iPhones in 2023, which is less plausible but still important news about the iPhone. In 2023, as per DigiTimes, Qualcomm will only supply 20% of the iPhones’ 5G modem chips, with Apple taking up the rest.

Having heard for some time that Apple is willing to create its modems so that it is less dependent on Qualcomm, this isn’t a shock. It’s a matter of when, not if, and the year 2023 appears plausible.

However, this is unlikely to have much of an effect on the phones themselves, given that some models are still employing Qualcomm chips.

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Apple should have converted to USB-C a long time ago

Even though we’re suspicious of rumors that Apple will transition to USB-C for iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro, the manufacturer should make the changeover.

The only reasons we can think of for maintaining Lightning are that many users already have paid for Lightning accessories, but it shouldn’t abstain advancement, and that Lightning is presumably serious cash for Apple – but that’s merely consumer-friendly.

There are several reasons why Apple should transition, but in the long term, it could even be a fiscally smart decision for the company, as the change to a reasonable port would provide Android consumers another reason to stay with Google.

Apple’s reluctance to include USB-C connections on iPhones, even though many iPads already have them, appears to be little more than a matter of stubbornness. Even if it is not only for the Pro models we’d like to see it That, or Apple ought to speed up and release its portless iPhone.


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