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New Apple Patent Describes Display That Only YOU Can See

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Apple is rumored to be working on a radical new privacy feature for the iPhone that will make the screen invisible to others while yet allowing the user to see it. iPhone’s browser and app privacy protection is impeccable but doesn’t stop someone from seeing your texts over your shoulder when you’re at a bustling office, crowded coffee cafe, or on public transport.

Apple doesn’t hold back when it comes to security and privacy, and this had led Apple to develop Face ID which employs state-of-the-art depth scanning technology to accurately identify the owner, restricting any unwanted access to iPhone.

Apple’s iPad Pro also comes with a Face Id, capable of unlocking the device with just a glance. However, this doesn’t stop someone from looking at your screen,s something much harder to prevent with technology.

Apple may be working on ‘privacy glasses’

Apple’s latest patent speaks of a very peculiar form of privacy protection. According to this, even when the screen is visible, the contents of an iPhone or other device’s display can only be seen by the wearer of matching privacy glasses, making it impossible for anyone else to see them.

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For anyone who isn’t wearing privacy glasses, the display will appear blurry. This was first discovered by PatentlyApple and described in a patent document. In addition, a QR code or some other symbol present on the privacy glasses will enable the iPhone to alter the image as needed.

Face ID profiles

Apple is widely speculated to be developing additional Face ID profiles in parallel to the privacy glasses. The Os will be able to recognize the user’s hairdo, mustache, spectacles, no glasses and sunglasses, and other details on their face.

The biometric identification of each user will be stored in the system, allowing them to access their phones with ease. Apple may want to bring Touch ID’s speed to Macs with Face ID’s multiple profiles, as Touch ID allows users to quickly switch between profiles by just laying the appropriate finger on the sensor.

You should keep in mind that Apple might or might not utilize the patent to develop any new items, but we may see some of its advancements in other products, such as the rumored mixed-reality headset.

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Better iPhone Experience For Prescription Lenses

A further feature of the same Apple patent may be of more benefit to iPhone owners who wear glasses. According to this document, the iPhone front-facing camera may be used to assess the user’s face via depth measures to identify them, and the screen can be adjusted such that reading text or seeing photos is better without removing the glasses.

As an alternative, a user might input their prescription or activate toggles to adjust for farsightedness, presbyopia, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. The latter alternative will display thumbnail images and enable the owner to choose the one that appears clearest.

Those wearing Prescription glasses would benefit greatly from this feature, as it would allow them to look back and up at the phone without straining their eyes or removing or putting on their spectacles.

While the tech giant may not go with this but still an intriguing idea and would enhance the device functionality. Well, that’s for Apple to decide all we can do is just wait for new updates.


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