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Nintendo Promises to Expand and Improve the Switch Online Following Backlash

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During an investor briefing event, Nintendo hinted at an upcoming gaming console, but the company’s primary attention appears to be elsewhere. With no release date set, Nintendo refers to this upcoming console as the “20XX” next-generation gaming system. The Switch OLED was released in October, making this the third generation of the Nintendo Switch.

Continue reading this article to know what transpired in the Nintendo briefing event.

What Nintendo Plans?

During the presentation, Nintendo indicated that it plans to “create services that support and match our business” by “building something on the bedrock of the Nintendo Account services. Nintendo announced that both Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack services will be “continually improved and expanded” to meet the needs of fans.

The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack was among these so-called ‘value-added services’ released earlier this year. In addition to nine N64 games, this upgrade provides you access to the highly adored Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Nintendo players can access these games by simply upgrading their Switch Online membership from the US$20 (€17) a year basic plan to the latest premium package priced at US$50.

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The promise for an upgrade followed shortly after the company’s premium Expansion Pack membership program met with a bumpy start. Launched early last month, it provides gamers with access to an ever-expanding library of Sega Mega Drive games, classic Nintendo 64 along with a paid DLC. As of now, Nintendo offers Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise pack as an added DLC.

Why The Console Was Met With Heavy Criticism?

Some of Nintendo’s fans, however, expressed dissatisfaction with the handheld console after its launch since they were having problems playing old games on the device. Players’ complaints differed from one another, but input lag, audio delays, fps drops, and wrong controller layouts seemed to be the most prominent threads running across the whole community.

According to Nintendo, the backlash doesn’t appear to be a factor in their decision about enhancing the service.  Despite being criticized after the launch of its premium tier subscription service, Nintendo also revealed that the number of gamers signed up for the Nintendo Switch Online service has risen over the past year. More than 32 million gamers have logged on to the online services, a boost of six million from the previous year.

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The NPD Group reports that Nintendo’s handheld has persisted as a common pick for US customers throughout 2021. According to the data revealed by the same group, United states month-to-month hardware sales charts see Switch continually holding up the top spot for 33 consecutive months. While Sony’s PlayStation 5 eventually ended that suzerainty this September, the extra Switches sold over that period are likely to be attributed to an increment in Switch Online members.

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