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Snapchat Snap Map Gets Layers: Here’s How to Access Features

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Snapchat stated earlier this year that it would enhance its Snap Map with a feature called Layers to render it more socially engaged. The first two layers of the Snap Map have now been released by the corporation. These newly released Snapchat layers are being called Explore and Memories.

Using these latest Snapchat snap map layers couldn’t be easier. Users may relive their most memorable events by simply tracing them on the Snap Map using the Snapchat Memory Layer. Snap Maps will only be accessible to Snapchat users, and not their friends.

Snapchat ‘Explore’ Layers seems to be the second layer. Snap Map, which is based on Heat Map, is getting a new viewport with this new feature. Snapchat’s Explore Layer makes it possible for Snapchat users to go across the globe and see things through the lens of other Snapchatters.

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Snapchat users may also employ Snapchat Layers to personalize the landscape so that they see just what they’re looking for instead of overwhelming users with a tonne of data that they may not need. Today, Snapchat’s Android and iOS apps will be able to use the Layers feature, which as the name suggests, allows users to create multiple layers of content.

It’s worth remembering that this news comes just a few weeks after the company’s cooperation with Sony Music Entertainment saw the launch of Sound Lenses. As the name suggests, these are special Snapchat Lenses that include an embedded audio track. Any pictures made to appear as though they’re singing a song using this service.

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With the release of its new Sound Lens, Cameo, the business has added visual effects to make users and their acquaintances the stars of an animated music video. Users can differentiate between these lenses by the musical note icon they have on their respective lens icons.

It’ll be fascinating to see how this affects user engagement and what additional solutions Snap may look to include to increase interaction with its 250 million users. Stay tuned to GeeksULTD for more updates.


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