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Truecaller Latest Updates: All-New Video Caller ID And Ghost Calls

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Truecaller has just released a slew of new Android features. Truecaller’s recent updates contain a wide range of previously unavailable functions, as well as the addition of new ones. According to a statement Truecaller made recently, the firm boasts 300 million active monthly users worldwide, with 220 million of those users in India. The callerID app was launched in 2009, as of now can prevent spam calls, retrieve contact information, and much more.

Truecaller’s Android app now features video caller ID, ghost calls, and call recording. Though, the features are only restricted to android devices. Truecaller is available on iOS, however, the app’s features are constrained by Apple’s policies.

Truecaller Latest Updates 2021


Setting Truecaller as your default Android app will allow you to reap the benefits of the feature. According to an official blog, Truecaller advises that “To enjoy the experience of this feature, please ensure to enable your Full-Screen Caller ID by going to Truecaller > Settings > Caller ID.” Video Caller ID only works if the phone numbers of the caller and recipient are registered in their smartphones.

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Truecaller Video Caller ID feature

Video caller ID

If your connections are also Truecaller users, the software now allows you to set up a video caller ID. There are two options when it comes to recording a video on your phone: either take a selfie or use one of the Truecaller templates, which are simply generic films. False caller IDs will only be shown to Truecaller users.

Call recording

Until recently, Truecaller’s call recording feature was exclusively available to its paying customers. It’s now possible for all Android Truecaller users to record calls directly from the app. Go to Settings > Accessibility and tap the record icon on the caller ID screen that pops up when you receive or initiate a new call to enable this option.

Truecaller launches video caller ID, ghost calls, call recording and more for Android users

Announce your calls

To use this function, you must subscribe to Truecaller Premium or Gold, which costs 49 per month or 499 per year, or 5,000 annually for Gold. This app lets you know who is phoning you by announcing it. Such a feature will come in handy when you’re unable to reach your phone. It’s a lot like the iPhone’s Siri call announcement feature.

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Ghost calls

Truecaller Premium customers can take advantage of this feature. Fake calls might be scheduled in advance to avoid certain scenarios. The caller’s name, number, and profile image can all be customized. For the false call, Truecaller allows you to select a person from your contact list.

New UI

With this tiny change, the tabs for calls and messages are now separated. According to Truecaller, consumers have requested the revival of this feature. Users will find it easier to switch between messages and calls thanks to the new design of the Truecaller app.

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