Google Pixel 6a Release Date, Rumors, Features, Specs and More

After months of speculation and suspicion, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were announced in October 2021 at an event. They were indeed different from prior Pixel smartphones in terms of appearance and specs, with both operating on an in-house SoC for the first time. The Google Pixel 6a, the mid-range version of the Pixel 6 smartphones, has already been the subject of numerous rumors.

Here’s everything we know about Google Pixel 6 a.

Google Pixel 6a Release date and price

Even though the Pixel 5a 5G was unveiled in August 2021, there are presently no rumors about the release date of the Pixel 6a. However, because the Pixel 5a is only available in the United States and Japan, the Pixel 6a could arrive sooner to satisfy the demands of consumers looking for a mid-range Pixel in other parts of the world.

Pixel 4a was unveiled in August 2020, while Pixel 3a was presented in May 2019, therefore there is no established pattern. Given the rumors, the Pixel 6a might be unveiled during the first half of 2022, although this hasn’t yet been verified.

The Pixel 5a is available in the US for $449. When the Pixel 4a was released in the UK, it was valued at £349, while in the US, it was priced at $349. The Pixel 3a costs £399 in the UK and $399 in the United States, respectively. The Pixel 6a may cost less than $500/£500, but we won’t know for sure unless a formal announcement is made.


According to reports, the Google Pixel 6a is expected to have an OLED screen accompanied by an under-display fingerprint scanner of 6.2-inches. As far as resolution and refresh rate are concerned, we’d expect Full HD+ with a 90Hz refresh rate to be on the cards. A 60Hz refresh rate is conceivable, but since many phones now deliver 90Hz, we believe Pixel 6a will too.


It is expected that the Google Pixel 6a will have the same camera arrangement as the Google Pixel 5, and thus the Google Pixel 5a. The Pixel 5’s lens is still excellent, but it’s a little different take on Google’s “a” series. Before the “a” series, the “Pixel” brand was all about providing the best camera experience at a lower price point.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro: Preorders, specs, pricing, features and everything else you need to know | ZDNet

While you’ll still have a wonderful photography experience with a Pixel 6a, it’ll be a slight drop compared to Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. There are a few reasons why this would be an excellent tactic, including the fact that the Pixel 6’s sizable rear camera housing was necessitated by a new camera module, which won’t match with the square housing fitted on the Pixel 5, making it unusual to feature the similar design as the Pixel 6 but a unique camera setup.

Hardware and specs

According to reports, Google’s Tensor chip will power both the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro as well as the Pixel 6a. We don’t know how much RAM or storage it will have, but we do know it’ll be a 5G phone. The Pixel 5a 5G comes with 6GB of RAM and 128Gb internal memory, so the Pixel 6a is likely to follow suit.

Google Pixel 6 release date, rumours, features and specs

There’s no information on the battery performance, but we’d expect it to be somewhere around 4500mAh. So, what do you think!


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