League of Legends: Janna’s Mini-Rework Upgrades Revealed

Designer Riot August has unveiled the planned changes to one of League of Legends’ most well-known supports. Another batch of Preseason tweaks will be included in the forthcoming patch.

League of Legends has undergone a major overhaul this preseason, with the introduction of two new dragons and countless new items. The Item Overhaul from last year’s Preseason was contentious, and it appears that Riot Games is not done with its item tweaks yet this year.

It’s not uncommon for League of Legends champions to be upgraded. Riot decided to offer Janna a series of fascinating modifications after she had been seeking to figure her role in the title’s meta for a long time. Janna’s mini-rework has been disclosed by a League of Legends game designer.

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According to the developer, the objective of such adjustments is to:

 “draining lane poke power out of her W [Zephyr] and focusing it into utility.”

Changes Made

Early on, Janna’s auto strikes and W takes a beating. Due to her mobility speed reduction, her basic strike range has been reduced from 550 to 500. These adjustments necessitate a small AD and movement speed boost. Its range, slow duration, and damage have been improved, however, the cooldown has been increased greatly such that it cannot be used in the lane.

Her Q is receiving the bulk of the “utility” crowd. As a result, it now uses less mana, has a greater minimum range, and travels at a quicker speed. In addition, the damage done to champions has been somewhat boosted, making it a more potent offensive weapon.

“The thing that makes the Q stronger offensively is the min range and travel speed. Max charge Qs are much harder to dodge and snapcast knockups are easier to hit, especially when combo’d with W,” August said.

A lot of people think Riot is just putting Janna in a “shield spam goddess” role, and that’s not going over well with her players. The devs insist that the “skill expression” is still present in her E shield, despite a few minor tweaks.

“I do want to point out that the Q travel time change (while slightly better for being aggressive), makes peel [and] disruption much better for the Janna player, where the live version is pretty inconsistent,” “There’s definitely some parts of power that are being drawn from, but overall there’s still a lot of skill expression added with August’s changes beyond just spamming your E.”

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Janna mini-rework notes in League of Legends patch 12.1

Base stats

  • Attack range: 550 >>> 500
  • Move speed: 315 >>> 330
  • Attack damage: 46 + 1.5/level >>> 52 + 3/level

Passive: Tailwind

  • Whenever Janna moves closer to an ally, her movement speed is increased by 8%.
  • Additional damage to Janna’s attacks and W is no longer dependant on her bonus movement speed.

Q: Howling Gale

  • Mana price: 60-140 >>> 60-100
  • Minimum range: 1000 >>> 1100
  • Maximum range: 1750 >>> 1760
  • Travel time: 1.5 seconds >>> 1.25 seconds
  • Damage: 60-160 + 15-35 per second of charge >>> 60-180 + 15-55 per second of charge
  • Now deals 80% damage to minions

W: Zephyr

  • Range: 550 (edge-to-edge) >>> 650 (center-to-center)
  • Slow duration: 2 seconds >>> 3 seconds
  • Cooldown: 8-6 seconds >>> 12 seconds
  • Damage: 55-175 >>> 70-190
  • Passive move speed: 6-10% >>> 8-14%

E: Eye Of The Storm

  • Cooldown: 16-12 seconds >>> 15-9 seconds
  • Time before decay: 0.75 seconds >>> 1.25 seconds
  • Cooldown is no longer reduced by 20% if you slow or knock down an opponent champion

Star Guardian Janna in TFT

All changes will be available with the 12.1 patches from January 2022.


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