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Paytm Users Can Create Unique Health ID And Access Digital Health Records Instant

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Paytm app, an extension of One97 Communications, has brought in a revolutionary new feature that helps its users to establish their own unique health identification number using the National Health Authority’s Health ID, according to the company. Indians may now utilize their Health ID to access a wide range of valuable services, all under one roof, from a single provider.

Within six months, the business hopes to have more than 10 million Indians create their own Health IDs. Paytm ID holders will be able to access their test results, schedule teleconsultations with partner institutions, and keep track of all of their medical records in a secure health locker.

Paytm Users Can Create Unique Health ID And Access Digital Health Records Instant 1

For Android and iOS users alike, Paytm’s move makes it the biggest consumer platform to support the establishment of Health IDs to date.

With the use of the Government of India’s Health ID, Indian citizens will be able to access and share personal health information (with their permission) among collaborating healthcare professionals and payers. Personal health records (PHR) linked to Health ID may be used to compile a comprehensive health profile.

A spokesperson for Paytm said:

“Paytm is used by millions of users for their everyday needs. Healthcare is an important need for all Indians and with our latest initiative, users can create their unique Health ID on the Paytm App. This is aligned with the Government of India’s initiative, and offers users access to their digital health records with ease.”

Health Storefront

With the debut of the Paytm Health Storefront, customers can now arrange for teleconsultations, make purchases from pharmacies, schedule lab tests, get healthcare coverage, request healthcare loans, and more through the Paytm Mini App Store. Now Paytm users can look up to Paytm for all their healthcare requirements.

Paytm has already included Digilocker in its Mini App Store. For those who have a DigiLocker, they may access it immediately from the Paytm app, which allows them to view their papers without having to carry physical copies everywhere with them.

Vaccination certificates for the Covid-19 strain may be added to Digilocker with a single click by customers who purchased their vaccinations using Paytm.

Paytm Users Can Create Unique Health ID And Access Digital Health Records Instant 2

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