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TikTok Kitchen Will Soon Bring Trendy Recipes at Your Doorstep

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With the help of Virtual Dining Concepts and Grubhub, TikTok will soon be able to bring iconic food videos to reality. A new service, dubbed “TikTok Kitchen,” is set to debut in the United States by March of next year. By the end of 2022, the business intends to establish more than 1,000 virtual eateries as part of this service.

Among the items on the inaugural menu are a smash burger, baked feta pasta, pasta chips, and corn ribs. However, it isn’t clear if the concept would eventually expand to include brick-and-mortar eateries, which are now exclusively available online or by delivery. Customers will be able to order a renowned TikTok dish from Grubhub beginning in March.

TikTok Kitchen

This year, baked feta spaghetti became the most popular food on TikTok, according to Google. There will be a few popular meals on the inaugural menu. However, according to reports, TikTok plans to introduce new viral and hot cuisines every quarter.

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As per TechCrunch, TikTok intends to congratulate the chef. Profits made from the venture will be reinvested in the original developers of food items, as well as many other TikTok gourmet community members. One can state that such financing might appear like a food-centric Creator Fund.

TikTok’s trending recipe creators will share in the profits

The company made it clear that the dish’s makers would be credited. For the sake of bringing joy and inspiration to TikTok’s users, the company says that all proceeds from the sale of TikTok Kitchen items will go to both the makers who created the dish on the menu and to inspire and aid future TikTok artists to represent themselves on the platform.

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However, TikTok claims it has no ambitions to go into the restaurant industry with this new feature. This is being marketed as a way to connect the virtual and the actual worlds. There is no indication of how long this campaign will last. But we’d bet that the campaign is here to stay, given that over 1,000 of such delivery-only eateries are expected to launch by the end of 2022.

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Steve Harvey, Guy Fieri, Tyga, and Mariah Carey, are just a few of the celebrities who have worked with Virtual Dining Concepts to open delivery-only restaurants. In the light of TikTok’s prominence in the United States, a tie-up with the company might be significant. There was no word on whether TikTok will expand this concept to other markets or not.

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While you wait for TikTok Kitchen to launch in March, you can prepare your taste buds by perusing your culinary Tiktok posts or by perhaps making your TikTok specials.


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