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Ladakh Organizes the LTBP Ice Wall Climbing Competition.

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Supriti Manna
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The first ice wall climbing competition in Ladakh was held on February 26 by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBPNorthwest )’s Frontier. More than 100 climbers from 13 teams from throughout the country took part in the competition. The event’s opening ceremony was attended by Radha Krishna Mathur, the lieutenant governor of Ladakh. ITBP uploaded a minute-long video on its social media channels to give viewers a taste of the competition. The film begins with a speech from Ladakh’s LG during the opening ceremony, in which he applauds the effort and congratulates ITBP on successfully hosting the region’s first of its type event. He also discusses the ITBP’s history and how it has helped the country by protecting the challenging terrain along the Himalayan borders. As the film progresses, the climbers can be seen mounting ice barriers and digging away with their ice axes to reach the peak. The theme song from the 1976 picture Rocky played in the backdrop of the video.”A few images from the 1st Ice Wall Climbing Competition in Ladakh, held by HQrs NW Frontier ITBP, Leh for the first time in the country.” ITBP used the hashtags Him Veers and Ice Wall Climbing while tweeting the video.

ITBP recently published a video of a 55-year-old commandant accomplishing 65 pushups in one go in -30-degree Celsius weather. During a harsh cold season in Ladakh, Commandant Ratan Singh Sonal finished the workout. He was at a height of 17,500 feet. On Twitter, ITBP posted a video of the workout. They stated: “Push-ups at dangerously high altitudes… ITBP Commandant Ratan Singh Sonal (55 years old) completes more than 60 push-ups in one go at 17,500 feet in Ladakh at minus 30 degrees Celsius.”When the temperature dropped to -30 degrees Celsius, he accomplished 65 clean pushups in only 1 minute and 12 seconds.

The lieutenant governor of Ladakh, Radha Krishna Mathur, attended the inauguration ceremony and congratulated the ITBP on this effort, which is guaranteed to attract youngsters and boost the union territory’s athletic culture and tourism. The ITBP posted a video on Twitter of the climbers demonstrating their abilities as they overcame adversity and chipped away with their ice axes to reach the peak. The ITBP is a specialist mountain force with troops who patrol 3,488 kilometers of the country’s border, from Ladakh’s Karakoram Pass to Arunachal Pradesh’s Jachep La. A large number of climbers took part in the winter event, showing India’s growing interest in climbing.ITBP also retweeted a video of its men playing volleyball at a border station in Uttarakhand at an altitude of 15,000 feet. “Our #Himveers make it look so simple!” stated the description of Amrit Mahotsav’s tweet. Temperatures are expected to be about – 20 degrees Celsius. At a Border Out Post in Uttrakhand, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police is playing volleyball at a height of 15000 feet.”

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