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Marriage a Lifetime bond. Decision to be taken cautiously said Kim Kardashian.

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As marriage is a lifetime bond people takes decisions and have many rituals to follow. All the people and superstars have to take a lot of decisions before finalizing these ties. So in a recent interview with Kim Kardashian, she said that for any more marriage decisions she will be very much cautious regarding the decision.

Kim Kardashian is a reality star who is of 41 years of age. In 2014 he was married to a rapper named Kanye West who is of 45 years of age. Their bond stayed strong till 2021 and then they break up all the ties. After dating so many in life now at present she is dating a comedian named Pete Davidson who is of 28 years of age. Still in love but not sure about the decision to tie the golden knot again.

She needs to be cautious enough because she had already proved that she is not very good at this field. In real life, she is looking not to commit that mistake again.

The reality star is in a big doubt and is currently thinking of those stars who have maintained a la long-term relationship and have never gone for marriage again. She also said that she needs some amount of time to be completely focused on her next date as she just recently had her divorce.

She also said that if she goes into a relationship her role model will be Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. As the process of relationship had already worked out for them so she will be following them. She also said if I believe in love the next time, I would not believe in love. She also claimed that after breaking up with Kanye it took almost 10 months to be back in the normal frame of life. She also needs to get back into the perfect body shape as well. With all these processes then she might feel okay and get back into work as well.

She was so tired and needed new energy to refrain her mind and this process took her by surprise as she got a new friend Pete Davidson at this moment of Hard times. For this reason,s she is again in love but confused about taking the right decision as she failed in her previous relationship which broke her completely.

She also had a 9-year-old North, 6-year-old Saint, a young four-year-old Chicago, and a 3-year-old Psalm. These all were the children of her along with Kanye West.

Thus facing problems in real life will she be able to take the appropriate decision for the relationship with Pete Davidson.

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