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Runescape Honors Its First Mobile Anniversary With Special Offers, Know the Amazing Details

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Jagex is giving players a slew of in-game goodies to celebrate the first anniversary of RuneScape’s complete mobile debut.

RuneScape is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has been around for almost two decades. The mainline version of the game has a solid player base, albeit it pales in comparison to the number of active Old School Runescape gamers. For those unfamiliar, Old School RuneScape is a Jagex-maintained community-driven version of the game. Old School, like World of Warcraft Classic, is based on an older version of RuneScape that is popular among legacy gamers.

The long-awaited mobile debut of RuneScape was accomplished on June 17 of last year. The mobile version included complete cross-platform capability, and according to Jagex, the mobile platform accounts for 40% of RuneScape’s current player base. Jagex will be offering many awards for playing RuneScape on mobile to commemorate the first anniversary of the game’s launch.

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Treasure hunter keys will be given to paying members and free-to-play users to enter prize chests. For a limited period, players will also earn a 50 percent XP bonus. As a final prize, the Bullsmith costume (seen below) will be unlocked.

Players of RuneScape are currently anticipating a July 4th update. The Elder God Wars Dungeon’s last boss encounter, Zamorak, will be added in this version. Jagex is billing the confrontation with Zamorak as “the biggest boss battle in RuneScape history,” which is guaranteed to excite players.

Last week, Jagex issued a quest called “Twilight of the Gods” to bridge the gap between the final fight that took place at the holy city of Senntisten, which was released in an update last October, and the imminent confrontation with Zamorak. In preparation for the release of the boss fight next, this quest delves deeper into the legend of Zamorak and puts the player on a collision course with The Lord of Chaos and Death.

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Gamers of RuneScape are currently anticipating a July 4th update. Zamorak, the Elder God Wars Dungeon’s ultimate boss battle, will be included in this release. Jagex is billing the confrontation with Zamorak as “the most crucial boss battle in RuneScape history,” which should pique gamers’ interest.

While both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are still active, the series will move on with a tabletop RPG. Steamforged Games, a well-known TTRPG developer, received £875,012 ($1,061,701) on Kickstarter for its RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg project, easily surpassing its £100,000 ($117,000) goal.

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