What Impact Will Starfield’s Launch Have on Star Citizen?

Star Citizen, which was reintroduced in 2012, has been in development for a decade, but it’s still a long way from achieving its lofty goals. However, until today, there hasn’t been a game in the trade that could compete with Star Citizen in any way.

In the case of Star Citizen, realism takes precedence over all else, which is something you rarely see in a game like No Man’s Sky. Even while Starfield doesn’t appear to be a direct match for Star Citizen, the fact that it’s a lot closer to reality than No Man’s Sky makes it the most accurate reproduction of Star Citizen we’ve ever seen!

So, now that Starfield is around a year away from release, does Cloud Imperium Video Games feel any pressure? Could it persuade Chris Roberts and his team to announce a Star Citizen Beta launch window shortly?

The Launch of Starfield Is a Huge Win for Star Citizen Fans

Laziness results from a lack of competition all of the time. To say that Star Citizen developers are lazy is an understatement; when you have a competition and the threat of losing your team, you must work harder and longer, and that is already a win for Star Citizen fans, even if they aren’t concerned about Starfield.

Despite the fact that Star Citizen fans are area fans, they would not pass up the opportunity to explore the vast universe of Starfield merely because it is not an MMO or has less-realistic graphics than Star Citizen. As a result, when Starfield launches in 2023, it’s almost certain that a chunk of Star Citizen’s active players will leave. And, given that Starfield appears to be a game that may keep you occupied for months, it could put additional pressure on Star Citizen developers.

Now, the simplest method to reclaim these kidnapped players is to update Star Citizen with new content. Why should you leave a completely new game full of surprises and mysteries to return to a predictable and repetitive experience if there is nothing new to uncover in Star Citizen?

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However, the launch of Starfield may cause Star Citizen’s funding to dwindle over time

Currently, there isn’t a better option than Star Citizen to experience, which costs around $60, if you want a practical open-world area voyage with amazing sights.

However, if someone in 2023 wants a similar experience, they’d probably rather lower their realism expectations a little bit and obtain a fully released recreation like Starfield than struggle with an incomplete experience full of bugs and crashes until they require the ultimate realism.

So, even though the event team has already raised almost $470 million, it’s safe to say that Star Citizen is feeling the financial pinch. With the fundraising process stalling, Cloud Imperium Video Games may have to rely on third-party companies for resources, which could mean losing more control over the game’s development and initial goals.

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