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OnePlus Continues To Lead The Smartphone Market In India – Samsung & Apple Close Behind

A recent analysis by folks at Counterpoint suggests that the consumer market for premium smartphones reached an all-time high in Q3 2018 in India.  This was caused due to attractive offers such as buybacks and trade-ins throughout the country. India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and that paired with its population offers great opportunities to smartphone manufacturers.

With innovation in smartphones increasing at an exponential rate it is no wonder that technology is becoming more affordable as each day passes by. Insane screen to body ratios, killer specifications, under screen biometric scanners are only to name a few. The report states that about 83% of the market shares are covered by the top 3 brands namely Samsung, OnePlus & Apple.

OnePlus Continues To Lead The Smartphone Market In India - Samsung & Apple Close Behind 2
Courtesy Counterpoint

October has been a busy month with various smartphones being released it is evident that the market has shifted from a whopping 88% to 83% in a matter of months by the top 3 brands due to the approach of Chinese brands in India. OnePlus led them all with impressive sales by the OnePlus 6 covering a handsome 30% share, right behind OnePlus is Samsung with the Note 9 and the Galaxy Alpha series keeping it in the game. At third, we have Apple covering 25% of the market with the help of the iPhone XS.

It is clear that OnePlus has given special attention to Indian consumers and for good reason. The next flagship by them, the OnePlus 6T which has to be the successor for OnePlus’s domination in the region. It will be announced in a couple of days and they want it to succeed in India just like the OnePlus 6. The plantation of various offline and exclusive stores by OnePlus has enabled them to boost their sales and users have gained faith in the brand.

The competition in the region itself plays an important role.  With such tough neck and neck competition brands are to offer better and better services to the general consumer base in order to achieve better sales of their product. The competition is definitely not going to stop yet, with new brands gaining market in India such as Oppo, Xiaomi & Huawei OnePlus would definitely want to put something new on the plate to keep hold of that best selling title.


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