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All (Mcu) Marvel Movies in Order, Fans’ Excitement for Release Date. Disney+will Stream All Episodes.

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Marvels is always a set of attractions. The marvel fan base will be really happy as recent reports claimed that the movies from the next time will be produced in a particular order. Officials claimed that organizing the series in the most particular way is not an easy job at all.

Expectations said that this process will get harder and harder as films and series will get added. For the present Marvels are not been considered in the MCU as the multiverse has its own sets of play.

How do watch the series in order?

The best thing though is that series will be divided into phases. An ending to a phase will mean an end to that particular set of a story. A new beginning phase means a completely different storyline. In order, a release consists of the part of Phase 1 to Phase 4.

Phase 1.

Starting with the very first release that took place way back in 2008 is Iron Man. The second release that took place was in the year 2008 about the Incredible Hulk. The release went on and the third one was released in the year 2010, the title of the series was given as The Iron Man. Following that Thor was also released in the year 2011. In the same year of Thor, a new series named The Captain America: The introduction of the very first avengers. Lastly, the story introduced was about The complete Avengers in the year 2012. Phase 1 ends here.

Phase 2.

This setup starts with a new theme of Iron Man Three in the year 2013. In the very same year Thor: The dark world was also introduced. These two were followed by The Captain America: Special character of Winter Soldier in the year 2014.

In that very same year, the next marvel show that turned up on the market was about the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the year 2015 the, next series that comes up is about the Avengers (Age of Ultron). This phase ended with the release of Ant-Man in the year 2015.

Phase 3.

This phase started in the year 2016 with the show of the Civil War. In the latter half of the year, Doctor Strange was also produced. Then straight away the production of the series went the in the next year 2017. In that year Guardian of Galaxy, part two was introduced. The Spiderman return to homecoming was also introduced in the year 2017 only. Many more series have turned up within this time and it ended in the year 2019.

Phase 4.

This phase begins with the Vision of Wanda in the year 2021. It ends with 12 series altogether in this phase. The last season of Thor ends the list with the release of The love and Thunder in the year 2022.

Where to watch?

As of now, we all know Disney + is one of the leading platforms for producing marvels. So on this platform, only every series will be listed most perfectly. Most of the series are already available in the Disney + fans can have an easy check of those. Blue ray disk can also support Disney+ so fans might get that as well in the minimum subscription.

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