Criterion List Has Bought Thrill for the Months of October. Fans Will Be Delighted.

Every list follows a particular setup before its release. In recent times, the Criterion Collection has released its full set of series that they are looking to release in October. The collection release will have diversification and will assure a huge range of content as well. The contents were chosen from the global market only.

An official website is also been given where fans check out the full list of the series.

The very first release for October is

Night of Living Dead.

This series is directed by George A Romero. Night of Leaving dead is a developed story for those who love independent cinema. This series will have a huge box office as per speculation. In the countries of America, the rules for Horror Movies have changed a lot. The release date for the series is the 4th of October.

Special Features of Night of Living Dead.

The series has a restoration process of 4K. One monaural soundtrack is also provided. A Video Copy of the film will also be provided. Blue Ray facilities are also available for the films. Reel features are also available for the series. Commentators of 1994 are also present as well.

Arsenic and Old Lace.

This series is all set to release on October 11. In these series, Frank Capra was able to hit the stage with huge popularity. This is a married drama critic which will return home to the parts of Brooklyn. Old Lace will be one of the best if it gets the proper amount of fan base.

Special Feature.

4K digital transfer is something new that is added. A blue ray soundtrack was also available for this series. Audio Commentary was done by Charles Dennis. Boris Karloff was also added to the series. Subtitles will be in English so that it gets easy to understand.

Lost Highway.

The release date for the series is allotted on October 11. This film features David Lynch as well. This film will take the audience on a journey on the known and unknown highways. Certainty and uncertainty will also get a feature.

Special Feature.

4K restoration is the main feature available in the series. A special soundtrack is also available with 5.1 DTS. The 4K UHD edition is also there. Blue ray films feature is also available for the series. English Subtitles are also available Experts’ viewpoints and plenty of special features are also available.

As the list continues there are also two more series one is Cure which is set to be released on October 18. The last one is named La Lioroana which is all set to be released in October only.

As creation ends its list over here fans will get exclusive content in October only.

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