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Time for Call of Duty “Master Chief Collection” as Plenty of Series Creating Problems for the Fans.

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Call of duty is one of the favorite games across the world. Recent reports and research have claimed that plenty of Call of Duty Games has recently been launched in the market. As per the new launch, fans try to play all of them but have faced difficulties while playing them.

Fans have asked for proper rectification of the games and all the games should be compiled into one and then a master copy should be released as well. The master copy is expected to be titled Halo’s Master Chief Collection.

Plenty of releases and at present, there is no way of stopping this gaming platform. The game Call of Duty got licensed and the activation power was in the year 2005. As time has also passed sub-series are also being released under the game section of Call of Duty.

Predictors predict that there will be some more entry releases. So for the time, it’s quite evident that the series has till some time before ending. Game officials claimed that if they want to stay in the market they have to go for adoption with the game Halo: The Master Chief Collection. As complaints roar across the market, this should happen for the Call of Duty as a source of existence in the market.

In the recent launch release, sub-series are launched with a high sense of demand in the market. Players of Call of Duty complained and said to merge the game. Infinity War groups are also developing their senses of the game.

The sub-series and the game of the Infinity war are quite similar to Call of Duty which is also reducing fans’ motivation. The Call of Duties game has some special titles as well. So in the search of experiencing them, fans want a better way of Collaboration which will make it easy as well.

In recent meetings, the officials also claimed that the classic games of Call of Duty are not getting enough love and priority. The modern industry of Warfare took the game away and provided a completely different direction to it.

During the time of World War 2, three new title games were launched and had great significance as well. Fans claimed that the newer sets of the games have no basic base as compared to the older ones. The originality of the series is also getting vanished as well.

In the end, after receiving all the problems the developers decided to complied many games into a single one and to named Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Fans said they are not interested in giving more than $900 for the older games. As time changed so it was time for the compiled version to have a new market agenda.

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