You Want To Know About The Great Sword Build In Monster Hunter Rise!

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most popular games in the gamer world. In this setup, supporting abilities like Wirebug Whisperer and Stun Resistance are particularly crucial. A third firebug is incredibly helpful for Strongarm Stance because it is so firebug hungry, and Wirebug Whisperer makes it easier to keep that third firebug alive.

Strongarm Stance is a single-hit counter as well, and any further blows could stun you and prevent the counterattack from even beginning. You can find more about the great sword built in this article.

Stun Resistance is thus a great choice for any rogue decorating space. In January 2022, a Microsoft Windows variant was made available. It is possible to play Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on the PC and Nintendo Switch.

Many of the talents that the build needs to take down Monster Hunter Rise’s most difficult bosses are provided by the Lunagaron Helm. It has two levels of Critical Eye and the one level of Wirebug Whisperer that is necessary, plus the two additional 2nd level slots allow for the inclusion of other necessary skills as decorations.

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The Archfiend Armor Scores, the leg armor from the last boss has an armor set, to complete the construction. This item has two levels of Dereliction and skill that increases a hunter’s attack strength by 25 at the cost of slowly damaging the hunter and one level of Resentment in addition to two decoration slots at the fourth and second levels for even more potent abilities.

The only things left after collecting all the armor are the spaces for talismans and decorations. The following extra skills are required to do the maximum amount of damage: Attack Boost has five levels, Critical Boost has five levels, Critical Eye has two levels, Offensive Guard has one level, Resentment has one level, and Tenderizer has one level.
The optimal talisman for doing this includes three levels of either Attack Boost or Critical Eye and a decorative slot of second level or above.

To accomplish this with the available slots, a talisman with the capacity to give four relevant skills is required. The Anti-Dragon rampage gem is the finest option for the weapon’s rampage slot, while Barroth Vambraces X’s remaining first-level slot can be utilized to add a quality-of-life decoration like Stun Resistance.

Monsters in Monster Hunter video games have a high health cap. With the introduction of afflicted monsters in Sunbreak, this is more true than ever. No weapon is better suited for doing considerable damage than the gigantic Great Sword, which is needed to combat such enormous hit-point pools.

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