Amazing Riches Season 1 Released Date Revealed? Cast, Plot, Spoilers, Date and Time, All Updates

Riches is a future British drama television series. It is created by Abby Ajayi for the Amazon streaming provision. Moreover, the series movie star Deborah Ayorinde, Hugh Quarshie, and Sarah Niles in the chief roles. The series follows Stephen Richards who has built a makeups empire, but when he suffers a stroke, his family’s anonymities and lies rise to the shallow, and the future of his multi-million-pound company is at stake.

Still, the series is scheduled to premiere in the United Kingdom on ITVX this equinox. In totaling to that, it is all set to be out on Amazon Prime Video in the United States this December.

If you are one of those inquiring beings who are eager to watch this new series and famine to know everything before its release, then you are at the accurate place. Following are all the details essential to know about Riches ahead of its premiere.

Riches: Cast

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Second, the official list of the entire cast members of the series is still unattainable. However, as per the reports, the subsequent is the official cast of the upcoming Amazon Prime Video sequences.

Deborah Ayorinde by way of Nina Richards

Hugh Quarshie by way of Stephen Richards

Sarah Niles using Claudia Richards

Brendan Coyle by way of Gideon Havelock

Hermione Norris by way of Maureen Dawson

Adeyinka Akinrinade by way of Alesha Richards

Ola Orebiyi by way of Gus Richards

C.J. Beckford by way of Andre Scott-Clarke

Nneka Okoye by way of Wanda Richards

Emmanuel Imani by way of Simon Richards

Riches: Plot


This new upcoming series allegedly follows Stephen Richards, a self-made man, who has built a cosmetics empire and developed a strong advocate for Black-owned businesses. After he has a blow, there is a fight for control over his realm. His family’s secrets come to the forefront, and the lives of his offspring from his two marriages begin to collide.

Besides, Amazon Prime Video describes the series as “Riches follows the deeds of the stylish, privileged, super-successful Richards household. When Stephen Richards (Hugh Quarshie) passes unexpectedly, the family’s world comes crashing down. As his business hangs in the balance, his dissimilar sets of children are about to collide as they vie for control.”

Riches: Release Date

The series is all set and arranged to release on ITVX in the United Kingdom this autumn besides on Amazon Prime Video in the United States on 2 December 2022.

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