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Is It Any Wonder Why Zendaya Has Such an Incredibly Strong Bond With Her Sister? Know the Truth Here!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Zendaya is super near to her family and her mum and dad have developed nearly as famous as the young thespian herself – gets to know her parents more than her siblings here.

Zendaya, aged just 25, has had an immensely successful career already and in 2020 scooped an Emmy Award for Unsettled Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role in Euphoria, partying the feat with her family all around her.

The actress is one of six brethren and is super close to each of them.

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She also often posts about her mum and dad on social media and recognitions them for keeping her so grounded.

Who is Zendaya’s mum, Claire Stoermer?

Zendaya’s mum is a past teacher who now owns her handmade jewelry brand, Kizzmet Jewellery, which Zendaya is repeatedly seen wearing.

The mother-daughter duo is tremendously close, with Zendaya, often bringing her mum to awards ceremonies afterward she helped build her daughter’s career.

Zendaya supposed to Teen Vogue: “Growing up, I watched my ma teach in the heart of Oakland, California, at inner-city schools that stood always underfunded. My mom went above and beyond, salaried constantly to open her students’ eyes to an hooling that could lift them far beyond their present circumstances.

“She would familiarize them with arts, guide them through the language of Shakespeare, and display them the wonders of nature outside city life — all clothes that they wouldn’t have skilled otherwise. Watching her was magical; it instilled within me a true appreciation of and devoutness to the importance of education.”

Who is Zendaya’s dad, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman?


Zendaya’s dad, Kazembe, is her director and a former teacher. Anyone who follows euphoria stellar on Instagram knows how caring he is of his daughter.

She credits both her paternities for keeping her grounded, saying to Ellen: “I gotta give it up to my parents, I’m truly lucky to have the parents that I have. They just consume always instilled in me those core morals that I think I have to carry with me through everything. I give it up to them, I give it up to my household.”

Zendaya’s parents are separated but continue on good terms.

Who are Zendaya’s siblings?


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Zendaya is one of six offspring, she has three sisters; Kaylee, Katianna, and Annabella, and two members; Austin and Julien.

The star infrequently posts about her brothers and sisters on Instagram and thought in a 2015 interview with Time her big parallel is one of her biggest influences.

She said: “I look up to my big parallel and realize the influence she’s had on me and making me a better being. Having such a big, grounded family, I realized as you get older how vital that is.”

Zendaya also now has a robust bond with her nieces and nephews, often sharing videos of herself lurking near them on Instagram.

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