Make History With Spacex’s Starship and Join the First-ever All-civilian Mission to Orbit Around the Moon!

Born on November 22, 1975, Yusaku Maezawa is a Japanese billionaire entrepreneur and art collector. He started Start Today in 1998 and launched Zozotown, the largest online fashion retailer in Japan, in 2004. In 2018, Maezawa introduced the ZOZOSUIT, an at-home measurement system, and a brand of custom-fit apparel. As of December 2021, he is assessed by Forbes to have total assets of $2.0 billion.


Announced circumlunar flight

Maezawa will be the first commercial passenger to fly by the Moon, it was announced on September 17, 2018. He will travel in a SpaceX Starship, which has been under construction since 2017.

The flight is expected to last nearly six days and take place no earlier than 2023. As a part of his #dearMoon art project, he originally planned to bring six to eight artists along. Nonetheless, in Walk 2021, Maezawa changed the necessity to individuals from the general population.

In December 2022, finally. Maezawa reported that he picked his team individuals, and he chose them as the gathering of his number one specialists, like DJ Steve Aoki and T.O.P.

ISS mission

On 13 May 2021, Maezawa declared he would join Space Undertakings traveling to the Worldwide Space Station in December 2021, through a Soyuz rocket. Together with his assistant, Yozo Hirano, he spent 12 days on the orbital station, where he completed the top 100 public requests and recorded highlights in preparation for the SpaceX lunar flight.

As part of the Russian-operated Soyuz MS-20, the flight left Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome on December 8, 2021. Maezawa made the announcement on December 18 that he would launch a campaign in which each participant would receive a sum of money “from space.” “The campaign began on December 19th. He returned as moved on 20 December

Yusaku Maezawa Announces Eight Crewmembers for the Starship Lunar Mission Maezawa, CEO of Start Today, Inc., announced that eight crewmembers and two backup crewmembers have been selected for “dear moon,” the first all-civilian project to fly around the Moon on Starship, a SpaceX rocket. In March 2021, Maezawa put out a call for applications on the official dearMoon website, and he received more than one million applications from 249 nations.

Maezawa and the eight crew members will circle the Moon for about seven days before returning to Earth.

The principal team is:

Steve Aoki: Music producer, artist, fashion designer, and entrepreneur with two GRAMMY nominations.

Rhiannon Adam: Photographic artist

Tim Dodd: Photographer, videographer, musician, and content creator. YouTube Channel “Everyday Astronaut” host

Yemi AD: Multi-talented creator, social entrepreneur, and choreographer

Brendan Hall: Documentary filmmaker

Karim Iliya: Photographer and filmmaker

TOP / Choi Seung Hyun: Musician, film actor who has won awards, and avid art collector

Dev D. Joshi: Professional actor and social media influencer

Kaitlyn Farrington, a snowboarder from the United States who won gold at the Olympics, and Miyu, a dancer and choreographer from Japan, make up the backup crew.

Maezawa stayed on the International Space Station (ISS) in December 2021, achieving his goal of going to space. This first all-civilized trip around the Moon in human history will be his next challenge.

Maezawa shared, “We received applications from approximately one million people from all over the world… [The crew] are all fantastic people.” There isn’t a specific job for each of them, but I hope they will all understand the responsibility of leaving Earth. They will learn a lot from this experience, and I hope they will use it to help the planet. to mankind.”

Jessica Jensen, SpaceX Vice President of Customer Operations & Integration, stated, “The entire team at SpaceX is excited for these extraordinary people to join the dear moon mission.” We are excited to fly this crew of athletes, artists, and content creators from all over the world as they complete a full moonwalk and safely return to Earth. They will be within 200 kilometers of the lunar surface.

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