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Trash Steven Spielberg Directing Fantastic Four, Say the Legendary Director Cannot Be Tamed By Kevin Feige

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Steven Spielberg is unquestionably one of the most popular and successful directors in Hollywood. He is known for directional films such as Schindler’s List, Bridge of Spies, Jurassic Park, and Ready Thespian One. The Academy-award-winning director has been associated with some projects in the past. Now, the director is rumored to be a part of one of the major comic companies in the world, also known as Marvel.

According to, Marvel has accessible Steven Spielberg to direct the highly anticipated film Fantastic Four. Earlier, Spider-Man: No Way Home administrator Jon Watts was contracted for the role of guiding the film.

However, Jon Watts opted out of the job since he desired to take a break from superhero films after directing the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy for half a period. Now, rumor has it that Steven Spielberg has already decided to take on the mantle of directing the film.

Meghan and prince
Meghan and prince

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One of the details which might have fueled the rumor is that the director expressed his praise for MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy pictures. However, it still seems doubtful that the director would say yes to the directive of a Marvel film. Mostly because the director has announced his desire to make champion films in the past, such as DC’s Blackhawk, but the projects never proverb the light of day.

Moreover, many fans have faith that the director would not be able to work well with Kevin Feige since the latter is known for training significant control over Marvel films. Steven Spielberg is unlikely to be a fan of the lack of passable creative liberty, and thus, it is unlikely that the director will settle to join the MCU as a director.

Only time will divulge the director’s choice. For now, it is safe to take the rumors of his arrangement to join the MCU with a grain of salt.

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