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Shakira Vs Gerard Pique: Colombian Singer Took Her Kids to Dubai for Revenge? Know The Truth

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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On June 4, Gerard Pique and Shakira completed their split public to the world at large. Their split caught all and sundry by surprise. When the reason for the riven was revealed to be Pique’s infidelity, it was an even better shock. To think that the former Barcelona player picked a random 23-year-old blonde over the Columbian deity was blasphemy.

What trailed was a period of chaos and turmoil as both of them brawled for their children’s custody. But even subsequently the settlement of their custody battle, their fights have not derived to an end.

Relations between Gerard Pique and Shakira are still nervous

Ever since the split, who becomes major custody of the children, Milan beside Sasha, has been a bone of disagreement between Gerard Pique and Shakira. Their care battle escalated soon before Pique then the Waka Waka singer worked out a reciprocally acceptable arrangement – the kids would stay with their mom in Miami, through Pique getting to keep the kids for an imperfect time, and frequent trips to see them by way of well.

Once the arrangement was worked out, people were hopeful that quarrels between the two would cease. But they kicked off the break season with the same spirit, by fighting over who would get to have their children. No one is willing to take a step backbone on this front.

Shakira and Gerard Pique locked in a fight over who gets to keep the kids

According to Mamarazzi, their recent disagreement is over how long will Gerard Pique get to stay with his offspring this holiday season. The kids would be with their mom till 30th December, after which they willpower go to their father. They were supposed to spend their trips with their father before going off to school. But holidays in USA and Spain are not identical.

In Spain, January 6th is a holiday as of the Three Wise Men celebrations. But there is no such leave in the United States of America. So the Hips Don’t Lie singer requires her children back home by 5th January so that they don’t hop school. Of course, Gerard Pique doesn’t agree with his previous partner on this one.

Gerard Pique is not prepared to take a step back

Shakira vs Gerard

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Gerard Pique is not looking at letting his children leave until they witness the Three Wise Men pageant in Barcelona. Lawyers from both sides are dragging their punches to ensure that the other side doesn’t get the high hand. Currently, the kids are living in Dubai with Shakira. What will be their destiny in the next week seems hazy for now.

Alex Rodriguez has some imperative information to share though. He has bare that classes in the US will jump on January 9. So even if the kids were to stay with their father, they won’t error out on their lessons.

Looks like the only one to take a loss if the kids depart subsequently the parade is Shakira’s ego.

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