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She Must Express Gratitude to Ronaldo for Not Working as a Shop Assistant: Know the Truth

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Sri ragavi newton
Sri ragavi newton
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s enticing and glamorous girlfriend is Georgina Rodriguez. Georgina is a Spanish model, dancer, and 28-year-old mother of Cristiano’s four children, Eva, Mateo, Cristiano Jr., and Alana Martina.

Because she is dating the Instagram user with the most followers, she has 30 million followers. Since her humble beginnings in Jaca, Spain, where she grew up with her sister Ivana, who has a Spanish mother and an Argentinian father, she has come a long way.

She is also currently pregnant with twins and on vacation with her family in Dubai.

Once again, supermodel Georgina Rodriguez has been criticized for her attitude. Paola Saolino, a social media model, recently criticized Rodriguez for being cocky and arrogant. The supermodel had previously taken to Instagram to criticize Portugal’s coach for “underestimating” her husband Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition, Saolino stated that Rodriguez was comparable to a “shop assistant” in the absence of Ronaldo.

This isn’t whenever Rodriguez first has been gotten down on her mentality. Patricia Rodriguez, her own sister, recently disclosed that her younger sister had made fun of her financial situation.

Because of her hissy attitude, Georgina Rodriguez is kicked out.

A social media model by the name of Paola Saolino recently criticized and criticized Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez. It followed the Spanish supermodel’s recent criticism of Portugal coach Fernando Santos.

Cristiano Ronaldo had shed a tear after Portugal’s defeat to Morocco. The 37-year-old footballer probably didn’t get another chance to win the Fifa for his country. However, the soccer player’s spouse attributed the defeat to the Portugal team’s manager and coach.

Soon after, she wrote, “Today your friend and coach made the wrong decision” in an Instagram story. Additionally, the model referred to her husband as the “most potent weapon.” And he went on to say that Ronaldo was the “best player in the world,” so no one should have underestimated him.

Ronaldo’s two sisters additionally participated and one composed

“The brilliant observers from Portugal (uh oh they’re gone), they should be stressed over losing their positions, it’s difficult to say.”

However, Saolino stated on social media, “Now she wants to talk about football by commenting on the Portugal coach’s choices as if she knew about tactics and formations,” indicating that not everyone agrees with her.

She was also called “arrogant” and “haughty” for saying things that were meaningless without Ronaldo. She only needs to express her gratitude to Ronaldo for not working as a shop assistant,” Saolino added. because her fame stems solely from her well-known husband.

Her sister also notified her to leave.

Patricia Rodriguez, Georgina Rodriguez’s older sister, made the claim that her younger sister was judging Georgina Rodriguez’s financial situation while she was on the television show Socialite in February. She uncovered saying,

“[Georgina] is embarrassed about me and laughs and rejoices at my current financial situation.”

She also said that her younger sister had just laughed at her. Patricia Rodriguez says that all she did was ask her pretty sister to help her kids. In addition, she had never before asked for money from her.

Because Ronaldo’s girlfriend completely cut her sister out of her life, the two sisters split up. Patricia Rodriguez referred to her sister as a “scoundrel” as well. And continued by revealing that her arrogant sister had been living lavishly while she had been homeless for three years.

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