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A Bollywood Pr Specialist Has Proposed That an Influencer Consider Licensing Their Video-based Content for a Feature Film! What an Incredible Opportunity!

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Sri ragavi newton
Sri ragavi newton
hello guys. I am sri ragavi newton. am pursuing my bachelor's in BSc chemistry. I love to read books, novels, and articles and that made me inspire me to learn new things and made me publish articles. The concept of someone writing for a living remains nebulous, especially if the person is not tethered to a newspaper, magazine, or some other entity that bestows a title. Many people can’t picture a job that doesn’t require a trip through rush hour traffic to an office park. So I feel like I have to detail my job to justify it.

There is a plethora of content on social media, ranging from amusing to educational and everything in between. With original concepts that resonate with people and quickly become popular, numerous content creators have achieved significant success.

Numerous of them have landed roles as actors or comedians, landed paid advertisements, or sold their concepts as feature films. However, there is an abundance of brilliant content that goes unnoticed or receives insufficient credit and attention. The right recognition and sufficient guidance are all that are required for the right content to reach the right location.

Dale Bhagwagar, a master of Bollywood PR, recently offered an invaluable tip to one of the influencers. Dale, a seasoned PR professional who has been instrumental in the success stories of several prominent Bollywood names, gave the content creator on Instagram who goes by the handle @ankkitachamoli excellent advice.

Dale wrote in response to the post, “Ankita, this video could be the subject of a feature film. Make the subject appealing to a filmmaker. I had seen the 2020 film Slaxx, in which the employees of a trendy clothing store are killed by a possessed pair of jeans. Yes, that is correct—a “possessed” pair of jeans.

The attention-grabbing video showed the humorous side of insurance marketing. In a parking lot, you can see a zealous marketer pressuring any random person to buy insurance from their company.

The insured person’s pleas for privacy are ignored, and the marketer even offers contract killer services during the relationship if the insured person believes their investment isn’t paying off.

The marketer’s assertion that not purchasing the policy would result in regret after death, in addition to the fact that she is experiencing the same difficulties as a result of not purchasing the policy while alive, is the final straw.


Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar
Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar

Different people have different ideas about whether the video is a prank or a funny take on modern marketing. However, Ankkita’s recognition from one of Bollywood’s best publicists who believes that the subject of the video is likely to be made into a feature film appears to be exceptional news.

It is important to note that he also drew parallels between the film’s concept and the 2020 film Slaxx, in which a “possessed pair of jeans” kill the employees of a trendy clothing store that pretends to be all ethical and using best practices but is actually a shady sweatshop in the background.

If Dale realized that the video had the potential to become a big-budget feature film, he should have pitched it to the right people. After all, Dale is known to have discovered mined diamonds and turned sand into gold.

The film may expose unethical marketing practices and aggressive strategies that are widespread across industries. The young influencer’s willingness to try to sell the idea and produce a convincing piece will only become clear over time.

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