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Brittany Murphy’s Death Story Has Not Yet Been Revealed but Fans Questioned the Suspect Sharon Her Mother.

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The whole world has raised a question about Brittany Murphy’s mother. In the year 2009 Brittany Murphy was found dead in the Hills of Hollywood at the early age of 32. They death of her is still now unexplained and reports claimed it to be acute pneumonia which had a combination of drugs and anemia.

The drugs may have increased because of prescribed medicine and all. As Murphy was struggling with her self-image and her married life she was unable to take any kind of decision. After all these sudden incidents HBO finally decided to dedicate a documentary named What Happened to Brittany Murphy?

The person who found Murphy dead was none other than her mother Sharon. After the sudden death, Sharon came into the spotlight and become the center of all the conspiracy theories developed by the fans. Sharon was even suspected highly of the death of Murphy. Reports claimed that Sharon was involved in a relationship with Monjack. Monjack also died five months later after the death of Brittany.

Connection of Sharon’s Husband. 

Brittany was born in the year 1977 and was the only child of Sharon Murphy and Bertolotti. Sadly her parents were divorced when she was very young and she was brought up by only Sharon.

Sharon took her and came to Los Angles so that her daughter can prosper in her carrier. Some foreign reports claimed that Sharon did not support Brittany for having contact with Bertolotti. As time grew on she also questioned Brittany’s biological fatherhood. The question came to her mind because of her criminal records of Bertolotti.

Sharon called 911 on the Last Day of Brittany. 

On their death day of Brittany, Sharon called on 911 and started crying saying that her daughter died. In the reports, she also claimed that she felt an ice-cold feeling all over her body. Later on that day in the hospital, she was officially confirmed dead. Correspondingly Sharon was the only person to call 911 during the death of Monjack as well.

Rumors of involvement about the death. 

After Brittany”s death report said that Monjack and Sharan were also romantically involved. It was confirmed that they used to share the same bed as well. In the year 2010 though Sharon completely disagreed with the statements and claimed everything was ridiculous as well.

Sharon was accused by her Ex.

In the updates from the father Bertolotti claimed that in the deaths of Morphy and Monjack Sharon was equally involved. Claimed came from him that he will not rest until the information is done. He also claimed to taste his hair of Brittany as it was suspected that her daughter was poisoned.

Since both had a close connection with Sharon. Sharon stayed out of the public eye for ages. Her last statement was to a reporter group where she spoke about Brittany’s death. Till then there is no update.

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