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Elizabeth Hurley Admits That Before the Mummy Star Spiraled Into Depression, She Made Brendan Fraser’s Life Hell. Surprising Facts

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Sri ragavi newton
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Is there a man in Hollywood who is as nice as Brendan Fraser? It would appear that the star of The Whale has a significant industry-wide social network. He is also a sincere, compassionate, and generous human being, not just good at “the game.” At least some of his co-stars have said so.

This includes Rachel Weisz and Adam Sandler, with whom he co-starred in The Mummy. Are we missing anyone, then? Yes, Elizabeth Hurley, her co-star in Bedazzled. What beliefs did she hold?

In Harold Ramis’ 2000 remake of Stanley Donen’s 1967 film Bedazzled, Fraser and Hurley performed together. The main character of the film is a man who makes a Faustian bargain with the devil. Naturally, this results in a bum bite.

In this adaptation, the Austin Powers actress, Hugh Grant’s longtime girlfriend, plays the devil, and she absolutely dominates the role. She actually has a tremendous amount of chemistry with Fraser. However, what about off-screen?

The real thoughts of Elizabeth Hurley regarding Brendan Fraser

In an interview with Vulture, Elizabeth Hurley admitted “tormenting” Brendan Fraser on the Bedazzled set. primarily because it fits the dynamics of their characters. Naturally, everything was enjoyable due to their excellent working relationship. They didn’t talk to each other after the movie, but they did meet again at a screening of Fraser’s 2022 “comeback” film, The Whale.

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Hurley stated to Vulture that she and Fraser “adored each other” during their time working together on Bedazzled. He is actually quite reserved despite being such a nice guy. It is evident that his character is also very shy, and it is also evident that my character tortured him on screen, so I did torture and tease him a little, in the best way possible.”

Elizabeth Hurley sees Brendan Fraser every day, despite the fact that they stopped communicating after the 2000 film Harold Ramis. However, in an interview with People, she expressed her desire to collaborate with Fraser once more. He was one of the actress’s favorite co-stars, she said.

In addition to The Whale’s success, their 2022 reunion was helped by a friend who sent them notes. For a variety of reasons, including the chance to see Fraser at his best, Hurley appears delighted to have reconnected with him.

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What caused Brendan Fraser to become depressed?

Elizabeth Hurley acknowledged that she did play around with him during filming. However, she had no idea that he would later develop depression. In an interview in 2018, Brendan Fraser stated that he began to believe that his physique was something for which he was hired in his films and that no one took him seriously because they thought he was “a piece of meat.”

Elizabeth Hurley Joins Marvel’s Runaways as Villain Morgan le Fay season 3
Elizabeth Hurley Joins Marvel’s Runaways as Villain Morgan le Fay season 3

But he also kept a secret that he couldn’t talk about in public prior to the #MeToo movement. However, he later admitted that his confession caused him to experience severe depression following the incident, which he believed prevented anyone from hiring him.

In addition, the news that an actor suffered from severe depression in 2016 following the death of his mother went viral.


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