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Emily Ratajkoswki Reveals Her New Partner and Claimed That Men Cannot Handle Strong Woman, Know the Truth

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After the end of one relationship, Peta Davidson got shocked to see that he was again linked with Emily Ratajkoswki. The viral link-up happened after he broke up the 9 months relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Davidson in the modern world had already earned a reputation for always having the power to not follow the ways of women. He claimed that many men across the world want to follow or crack his way of following. All the avoidance is because he had the capability of handling better and hotter women side by side. Though his recent comment gave a clear view that he is unhappy as he was sidelined by the huge power of women.

Emily Ratajkowski said that on the other hand said she is ready to explore her new life of dating after the breakup of Pete Davidson. She opened the issue on the latest episode with Olivia Ponton. In that episode, she clearly mentioned that she is also tired of men who did not know how to handle strong women.

She also said about those feelings as well which in mind can easily tear people apart and set distraction. In the episode with the guest, she also complemented herself as a bi-woman. She also talked about the heterosexual relationship dynamics as well. She also discussed the dating women concept where she said that will be mutual respect as well.

She also said that in the modern world, there might be competition but she felt that someone would take on anybody’s comment, especially in the case of heteronormative relationships. In the episode, she confessed about masculinity as well and clearly said that once a woman has the qualities then the man did not know what to do. The guest then also asked her about her emotions. How she is about expressing her feeling and regards.

She clearly said that it is interesting fact to have a mix with someone like Pete Davidson. The god image of the album boy went to drain after all this as well. In that episode only she stated that she currently is focused on only one man after her breakup with her husband after 4 years of a relationship.

The model girl had split from her husband with a divorce in September.  After all this, the first man she is focused on is Brad Pitt. Though reports claimed that it was a short romance just like the same as the Set Up actor.

Though while revealing the dating scene the actor clearly mentioned that at present her son is the biggest priority. Now as nothing is confirmed clearly time will say who will end as her new man or woman.

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