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Ready to Dominate in Wow Season 1? Get the Jump on Your Competition With Dragonflight’s Prot Warrior: Best in Slot Gear! All Information.

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Sri ragavi newton
Sri ragavi newton
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With the Protection Warrior BIS list, dominate the competition in Season 1 of WoW Dragonflight as the best tank.

The tank for World of Warcraft is unbeatable: Before the Protection Warrior, Dragonflight! Due to their impressive toolkit, survivability, and damage profile, they rank highest on our list of tank tiers. You can get the best gear Dragonflight has to offer and do the most damage with the help of our best in-slot guide.

Prot Warrior Best in Slot Stat Priority

When shopping for new gear, your stat priority should take precedence. In general, you should adhere to the following rule:

  1. Strength
  2. Haste
  3. Versatility
  4. Critical Strike
  5. Mastery

You want to make sure that your stats and gear work well because tanking is more than just taking damage. While Haste and Versatility is the best defensive profile, experiment with various load-outs and stat profiles.

Important Notes For BiS Lists

It is essential to remember that any increase in level greater than ten points almost always results in a better item. Compare the stats based on the stat priorities to determine which upgrade is better if it is less than 5 ilvl.

Consider the stat priority of the class and spec when weighing the options for other items not listed below. It is unnecessary to have the same two stats in every slot stack because stats eventually have diminishing returns. We provide the best value per slot for simplicity’s sake, assuming you have not capped these stats.

The following are the calculations for diminishing returns:

  • 0 to 30% in a stat – no penalty.
  • 30% to 39% in a stat – 10% penalty.
  • 39% to 47% in a stat – 20% penalty.
  • 47% to 54% in a stat – 30% penalty.
  • 54% to 66% in a stat – 40% penalty.
  • 66% to 126% in a stat – 50% penalty.

A secondary stat with a lower priority may be a better upgrade if you have reached 30 percent in a secondary stat. Simming your gear is always essential because of this. We offer the best item in that slot for simplicity, assuming you have not exhausted these stats.

Prot Warrior Best BiS Gear

These lists may contain items from Raids, Mythic+, or The Vault. The instance’s difficulty (Normal, Heroic, Mythic, or Mythic+ 1-20) will determine their item level. As a guide to which dungeons or raids to attend to obtain the best gear from these sources, this list does not include Renown or Crafting items.

How To Simulate To Determine Your Best Gear

World of Warcraft players can use the Raidbots tool to determine whether the gear they just looted is an upgrade. It is impossible to identify a specific set of bis gear due to the game’s numerous nuances and diminishing returns at various points.

There is not a single “this is the absolute best for the entire Season” list because of the ilvl scaling of Mythic+ loot on higher keys and the utility that various gear has for various fights. Certain classes in Classic Wrath have encountered it!

WoW Dragonflight: Prot Warrior Best in Slot Gear - Season 1
WoW Dragonflight: Prot Warrior Best in Slot Gear – Season 1

We are still here to assist, so don’t worry. Utilizing raidbots to determine whether a recently acquired item is an upgrade is highly recommended. A quick guide to running simulations to determine whether your new item is an upgrade is provided below:

  • Check to see that the Simulationcraft add-on is already installed.
  • Open your chatbox and type /time while your new items are in your inventory.
  • A door or window will open. Paste all of the text onto the Raidbots Top Gear page. Below is the window of my personal character’s Simulation craft.
  • This is a crucial step. Scroll down on the Top Gear page to select the gear you want to simulate. You won’t know if you got an upgrade if you don’t choose the gear you’re wearing and the gear you just got in your inventory
  • The items that maximize your DPS will then be shown to you by the raid boss!


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