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Sand Grease Pupa and Its Route Disclosure to Find Out in Genshin Impact. Details and Mapping to Reach Are Disclosed Here.

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As per reports if any of the players who want to level up in Alhaitham needs or requires farming as his local Speciality, Sand Grease Pupa. In the updates about the game Genshin Impact 3.1, Alhaitham’s Local specialty is the new addition. The items that had been introduced in the game are only found in the deepest parts of the Desert of Hadramaveth. For some purpose, they are also found in the Wenut territory on the surface. During other times there is an abundance of the presence of Wenut Tunnel.

Sand Grease Pupa generally plays the role of Ascension material for Alhaitham. Along with these resources, there are other resources present such as the Pseudo-Stamens, Rich Red Brocade, and the Nagadus Emerald in the Genshin Impact. In the game to level up players need 168 Sand Grease Pupa. In the updates, some locations had also been announced which will make the game easier.

Location of Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact. 

As per the map given, there were more than 70 Sand Grease Pupas all over the world. In the game they are very easy to get as the location of all those is very close to the Teleport Waypoint in Genshin Impact. Though the husk is located in the current location as presale total geography of the game.

The places where the Sand Grease Pupa is available are the Tanit Camps, The Temples Forsaken, Wadi Al- Majuj, Wounded Shin Valley, The sands of the three canals, and the last place is the Wenut Tunnels.

In the game, the resource journey can be harvested. For collecting the Sand Grease Pupa players can use Nahida’s Elemental Skill. Players can locate the map with a hand icon as well.

The Tanit Camps. 

In the Tanit Camps, there is a presence of Six Sand Grease Pupa. If players need to have them they have to teleport to the desert. Players had to travel to a few of the Eremites and collect those Sand Grease Pupas. While collecting, players need to be very much careful because Wenut is present underground.

The Temples Forsaken.

In the Temple Forsaken, there are only five Sand Grease Pupa. In the beginning, players had to travel close to the area which is very close to the Teleport. Over there they had to climb the hill to get the Pupa.

Wadi AI-Majuj 

A total number of eight Sand Grease Pupa are available in the Wadi AI- Majuj. To reach them people had to teleport them to the nearest Waypoint in the game of Genshin Impact.  They have gone over the cliff to get them. While collecting people should be careful as Wenut Attacker lurks there to attack.

Wounded Shin Valley.

Fast in these fields players had to travel to the Wounded Shin Valley and then had to climb up the hill and in front of it they will get another five Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact. As soon as the players climb the mountains they are welcomed by a group of fungi.

The Sands of Three Canals. 

In these segments, there are another five Sand Grease Pupa. To get them players need to travel to the nearest Waypoint of Mt Davawand. After reaching over there players will walk straight till a small camp appears. These areas had some of the elite class enemies. So while conquering this area Genshin Impact a good team combination is always required.

Wenut Tunnels.

Coming to the last finding of the remaining 45 Sand Grease Pupa is quite difficult. Those sets of 45 Sand Grease are located under the ground. Tunnels collect the desert areas together.

To get the remaining ones players had to follow some of these steps:

Firstly players had to teleport to the Waypoint passage of Ghouls. Then players need to go between the Cliffs and collect the two sand grease pupas. In the tunnel leading to the cave players will find 12 Sand Grease Pupa. Heading towards the Wenut Tunnels going through the passage the players will get another 18 Sand Grease Pupa. Then there is more for the players to collect.

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