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The Catastrophic Security Breach and Donald Trump’s Inciting Rhetoric Ultimately Resulted in the Death of Brian Sicknick, All Facts

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A sudden end to a long-term partner. The day next to the 6th of January the Police Officer of Capitol Brian Sicknick died. Reports claimed that his death was wrongful. The representative of the Estate Brain claimed on that day her partner also died as well. Reports said that her death was direct and was a foreseeable consequence.

She then representative accused two of the men who chemical sprayed during the breach. According to the lawsuit, a case was filed last Thursday. The case was filed a day before the second anniversary of the attack.

The suit that focused on the case had charged a minimum of $10 million from every defendant as well.

Two Strokes to Sicknick. 

Sicknick on that very day was a part of the Police Line. The police line was protecting the perimeter of the U.S. The Capitol of the trump mob was all set to stop the lawmakers from certifying the victory of President Biden. According to the reports, police officer Sicknick was attacked with chemicals during the confrontation of the people.

On the same day evening, Sicknick also collapsed completely in the evening as well. Unluckily on the next day he suffered two strokes as well and died on the next day. Sicknick was 42 years of age.

In later updates from the medical team, the cause of the death was mentioned as natural. The doctors added that the collision on that day just played a role in his condition.

The Lawsuit agreed that Trump’s words spurred the Violence. 

The lawsuit confirmed that Trump’s words had forced the attack. In that meeting, only Sicknick got injured which later added to his death as well. Trump played it smart and made the mob present over there angry. The angry mob attacked the Capitol straightaway.

The complaints said that when police tried to stop the mob they got attacked. Trump after some time though tried to stop the mob but failed. Later he tweets and made the flame rise again.

No Charges so far. 

Past both Khater and Tanios had already been found guilty due to breaching of laws. The law was breached by using pepper spray. Both of these will be sentenced for the next few months as per speculations.

Plenty of time had gone by it took almost 18 months to make the investigation complete. The department had said to issue criminal charges against Trump as well. So after all the investigation finally it’s time to put charges on Donald Trump as he tried to instigate the mob.

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