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The Incomparable Aesthetics of Retro Futurism is Genuinely a Work of Art. Let Me Explain Why This Phenomenon Captures the Eyes and Hearts of Many!

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Hi, my name is Subhrayu Kuri . I am from Kolkata, currently pursuing BBA from EIILM Kolkata. Having the interest in learning new skill I have decided to give a go for content writting which will help me to develop my own speaking and writting skills in English.

Retro Futurism is the modern image of the world is completely different and the future is quite annoying and grim as per expectation. In these times we have seen a huge number of science-fiction movies with these beliefs. The easy way to mix the last century science-fiction is to add visual flair in them. Retro Futurism is the term used for those people who play with other works to create something new.

In the past, it was reported that 60 to 70 years back the world was so much mysterious. Exploring the places at that time was barely impossible because the depth of the ocean was not seen. Modern Science- Fiction is about creating new things. Old science- fiction could find something new with all the brass and vigor that it had to offer.

Retro Futurism is the topic that came into shape way back in the year 1970s. In those years there was massive technological development like video games and cell phone technology. During that time the Vietnam War did come to an end. Plenty lived unhappily with the present. The term Retro-Futurism can be said in two terms. The first one is looking ahead and the second one is looking back. The technologies that developed were completely futuristic manner and might impact some of the eras.

Retro-Futurism is used as an aesthetic theme and is also very much dominant. These concepts typically are used as complementary to the present and the perceived future. Jules Verne could have never imagined such facial expression recognition on every street corner as that was not expected.

Retro-Futurism takes those concepts and creates innovations and introduces in the market the new technology innovation. There are popular sub-genres present along the mentioned punk. Interestingly, there were plenty of concepts that came up without comment. Brad Bird choose to set the base of the film in a retrofuturist version of the 1960s. The Parr family looked straight out of the columns of Brady Bunch. Some concepts were for the industrial nightmare. Everyone loves to design the entire story in their way.

Video games had a ball with the retrofuturist themes though quiet lately. The biggest franchise of all time was Bio Shock. The modern takes on the concept were to resemble the International Space Station. Bioshock games had an idea that consists of the bygone era. The future in these games looks both aesthetic and ideological.

Retro Futurism has all the speculation and it is done in the art form. Artists might always draw educated guess and might bring everything 40 years ahead now. Retro-Futurism is something more than that artistic statements.

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